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Monday, February 3, 2014

Flat Susan Irish Dances

So in our final hoorah with our guest Flat Susan, we took her to the King O' Sullivan Winter Feis. (pronounced fesh) This was my daughter Bridget's first dance competition of the 2014 season. She has officially moved up to the U14 category. Time just flies too quickly.

Susan had a grand time meeting new people, learning all about how Irish dance and  competitions run, experiencing Ceili dancing, (team dancing) and even getting to attend the awards ceremony at the end where pinned to my daughters dress helped her accept her 3rd place award. All in all we all had a very long and full day of Dresses, Wigs, Make-Up, Shoes, Dancing, and best of all friends. 

This Feis was hosted at the Marriott Evergreen Resort at Stone Mountain by the King O' Sullivan school in the Atlanta,GA area. Several dancers from Irish dance schools all over the Southern region of the US participated. My daughter dances for 
Rince na h'Eireann School of Traditional Irish Dance. The schools name translates to Dance of Ireland. Our school host 2 Feis's a year. The Holy Angels Feis which we raise and donate all money to the Holy Angels foundation which is a Catholic Foundation which helps the disabled, and then our Feis in October.

There are several levels of dance. Bridget is a Preliminary Champion level dancer, and is working toward trying to move into Open Champion which is the highest level of dance. The levels are Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Novice, Prizewinner, Preliminary Champion, and Open Champion. You start as a beginner and move to each level by winning each of your dances in each of the levels. The dances are Single Jig, Light Jig, Slip Jig, and Reel, which are all soft shoe dances. In hardshoe there is Treble Jig and Hornpipe. Single Jig and Light Jig are not usually competed in after Novice. Once you reach Prelim and Open your dances are based on your birth year. So this year Bridget competes in Reel & Hornpipe. She has a Non-traditional set called "The Three Sea Captains" There are a total of 31 Non-Traditional set dances. Most dancers only learn a handful in their career. 

So this is what Susan has learned about Irish Dance. There is a whole lot more, but she can only visit for so long. She will be on her way to her next host on Monday or Tuesday. So I will now show you all the pics form her dance filled weekend. I hope you enjoyed reading about Flat Susan and her visit to Davidson,NC. We have enjoyed hosting her!!!! She will be missed a whole bunch!!!

Welcome to King O' Sullivan Feis

1st Place 4 hand Team
(L-R)Bridget, FS, Maggie, and Laura
Mom's Tracy & Holly
Bridget (FS is pinned R breast)
Bridget & Flat Susan
Bridget getting her 3rd place award

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Flat Susan's & The Mystery Guest

So as you know Flat Susan is currently visiting with me in Davidson,NC. This area north of Charlotte is comprised of Cornelius, Davidson, and Huntersville. They are all kind of intertwined with each other. In Huntersville is the studio of the wonderful mixed media artist Donna Downey. With whom I know so many of you are familiar with. Donna is delightful, brilliant and talented. She hosts workshops at her studio with guest artist such as Mindy Lacefield, Jane Davenport, CD Muckosky, and many more. She also travels the world hosting workshops as well. Her website is
I had contacted Donna and told her all about Flat Susan and her travels around the world and asked if she would be kind enough to take a minute to have a meet n’ greet with Susan, Well Donna was very happy to oblige. Not only was Flat Susan excited, admittedly I was as well. Though I had previously met Donna on a visit to her studio while shopping for art supplies, she is one of my favorite artist’s. I also had my daughter Bridget with me who after meeting Donna thought she is one of the coolest people on the planet. (My daughters words).
After I had set up a time to meet with Donna, I had kinda let the cat out of the bag and told Neet what I had planned. I wanted it to be a complete surprise, but like a little kid at Christmas, I couldn’t wait. Neet was beyond excited when I shared the news. Neet, who is visiting with her friend Mary in the US right now, had told me of a story about her and her friend Mary meeting Donna at a CHA once. When I had mentioned the story to Donna that Neet had told me about meeting at CHA, Donna had remembered them. It truly goes to show how small the world really is. 
So Flat Susan had her picture taken with Donna, who also kindly signed Susan’s passport. I was so excited and caught up with our visit, that the only picture I took was the one of Donna with FS. I actually had to go back to the studio the next day and take some extra photos of FS around Donna’s studio. Which really wasn't a problem, as I love going to Donna Downey Studio’s to shop and browse. I usually stop by there and shop about once a week, it’s only about 5 miles from my house. I can literally spend hours looking and browsing. I digress though..... So without further ado, the pictures from Flat Susan’s meet n’ greet, and her second visit while I did a supply shop. I hope you enjoy.

Kimmie & Flat Susan

Donna & Flat Susan

Checking out Daniel Smith WC's

All the glorious Paints & Mediums

Pom-Pom window display

Swinging on a Pom-Pom

A Rainbow of Colors

Some of Donna's paintings

The Altered Brush Project

Studio Shop

Flat Susan

Well it has been quite sometime since I have done a blog post. I am happy to do this post, as it is honor of my tiny friend Flat Susan. She arrived safely from her visit with Sandee in Hendersonville,NC. 
Susan has been traveling the world in her tiny little suitcase seeing the sights and meeting lots of wonderful people along the way. She arrived in Davidson,NC shortly after Christmas. Davidson is just a tick north of Charlotte,NC. 
I happily took Susan around town and showed her where I live. Davidson is a small community with about 10,000 residents. Most of our local businesses on Main St are in buildings dating back to the early 1900's. In keeping Davidson a small town community there isn’t even a fast food restaurant. Susan enjoyed meeting local business owners who loved hearing about Flat Susan and her travels.We stopped at Summit Coffee first to get a coffee for the town tour. Though it is unusually cold right now, Kimmie is a lover of Ice Coffee. 
I have a few things in store for Susan while she is visiting. She has a visit planned with a mystery person, which will be exciting for Susan, and for Neet. Susan will also be taking a few Irish dance lessons and attending her very first Feis. (pronounced Fesh) My daughter Bridget is a comptitive Irish dancer.
I am not sure what happened, but some of our photos from the tour didn't take well, so I'll have to go back and add them later. I had planned this post so much sooner, but shortly after Susan's arrival, influenza hit our household. It knocked everyone on their backsides. Well hope you enjoy the first part of Flat Susan's visit. Please check out her blog at, or just hit the button on the side bar of my blog. Look for the post with my visit with a mystery guest very very soon.(((((HUGS))))

Kimmie & Flat Susan

Having a White Chocolate Carmel Macchiato

Main St
Having a bite to eat at the Soda Shop
(Kimmie's son Michael works here)

The Soda Shop
Great bunch of ladies work here.
I love this basket

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WOYWW # 223


HOORAY!!! It's another week of world travel visiting friends around the globe, peeking in on their desks, and craft rooms. All made possible by our friend and fearless leader Julia over at the stamping-ground. If you would like to join in all the fun, which I highly recommend, click here

I want to thank everyone who stopped by for a visit this past week and left comments. I tried to visit as many desks as I could, I wish I could have visited everyone. Trying to get back into school schedules has been less than fun. I homeschool Bridget, and Michael is in public school. Bridget is also back to dance, and that has been an especially crazy schedule. I'm going to make it a point to visit more of my fellow deskers this week.

So today was a good day.. I got HAPPY MAIL from my dear friend and fellow WOYWW'er Julie Ann at Julie Ann is a very talented crafter slash artist. She sent me lots of goodies that I will be sure to put to very good use. I just love my WOYWW friends. :D

Beautiful Tag side 1

side 2

Beautiful Napkins

More beautiful Napkins


Lots of Goodies

Please pop over to Julia's and join in on all the fun!!! I look forward to seeing what everyone else has going on. Thanks for stopping by. HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!!! Much love to all!!!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

WOYWW #222


Well it's another glorious week of visiting friends, visiting desks and craft rooms around the world. It's all thanks to our fearless and fabulous leader Julia. If you you'd like to join in the fun, click here and see what it's all about.

First I want to thank everyone for all their warm and caring comments. I truly love being part of this group. You all ROCK!!!!

I don't have a whole lot going on this week, craft wise that is. School has started back, and Bridget's dance is no longer on hiatus. I have been doing lots of "busy" work this week. All the fussy stuff that needs to be done so the fun stuff can be created. Here is a sneak peak of one of my current projects. More to be revealed later.

That's all for this week. I hope to be more organized for next week. Back to school week is always a hard week. I look forward to visiting as many of you as I can. HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WOYWW # 221


Happy Hump Day… time for another week of jetting around the world and peeking in on friends to see what they have been up to. That's right… it's WOYWW, brought to you by Ms. Julia. If you want to see how you can join in on all the fun, click here.

I have been MIA the past few weeks, and I want to thank those of you who sent me messages of concern over my where abouts. I'd like you to know how much it means  to me. (you all know who you are.. :D ) I have not been feeling very well. I had Lymphosarcoma when I was younger, (cancer of the lymph nodes) with a poor prognosis, but by the grace of God, 3 yrs of chemotherapy and 21 radiation treatments I can call myself a survivor. The flip side to all that has left me with a small mountain of health problems, and I suffer from chronic pain due to degenerative arthritis with spinal stenosis.The past few weeks I have had some mystery thing going on that has left me completely zapped. When I am feeling like that I have a tendency to shut the world out. I find it easier to hibernate, cuz just typing that out makes me feel like a hyperchondriac. With school beginning, and dance about to start back up, I hope to find my energy and my mojo here really soon.

I digress though… needless to say I have not been doing much of anything. I did get some happy mail out, and I managed a page or two in my art journal. I can't post the happy mail stuff, but I can post my journal page. The face was actually drawn by my daughter Bridget onto a napkin, I collaged it along with some music sheets into my journal, and I used my Koi watercolors, and some Dr. Martins acrylic Ink. 
"Let Your Freak Flag Fly"

Face done on a napkin

Thank you for stopping by. Please feel free to leave a comment. I will be stopping by to visit as many of you as I can.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WOYWW # 219


WOW…2-1-9, the weeks are just flying by. It's my favorite day of the week thanks to our glorious leader Julia who brings all of us like minded folk together week after week, to give us a trip around the world popping in on friends for WOYWW. She does it all from her neck of the woods at the stamping-ground

I have been working on finishing up Ms. Roudi's b'day present, which I had hope to have gotten in the mail. But unfortunately have a few finishing touches left. I will have it done and mailed in a day or so. Sorry Roudi, I promise it will be on it's way in a day or so.

So I got a wonderful THANK YOU card in the post from Claire, over at She offered to thank me in a very beautiful and I might add very creative way, just for offering my 2 cents. Claire, I might just have to offer my advice more often :D. I LOVE LOVE LOVE not just my THANK YOU card, but all the other beautiful cards you sent as well. This is my very 1st WOYWW package, you did a wonderful job of making it special. Big SHOUT OUT to Claire!!!!! 
The THANK YOU card

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to stop by last week, and to leave wonderful comments, and or who started following me. I am very lucky person and am enjoying getting to know so many of you. Who wouldn't feel lucky to be amongst some of the most talented, inspiring, and caring group of individuals, and it is all because of Mrs D.  Julia, you ROCK!! If you would like to be part of this amazing group, stop by Julia's and check out WOYWW. You'll be happy you did. I will be stopping by to see as many of you as I possibly can. HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!!