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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

With Faith All Things Are Possible


Well I have to say I am happy to have September over. I attempted to try and blog daily, and I failed terribly. I did great the first 2 weeks, then I got sick for a few days and didn't blog those days. After that I fell out of sync. I feel defeated, and am disappointed in myself for not being able to do it. I need to put it behind me on move past it. It is a new month and I am not promising a daily post, but I am going to work on improving my skills.

That being said, I am also working on improving my crafting skills. My ultimate goal is to have a blog that is solely related to my craft of choice, which is paper crafting and art journaling. I follow some really great sites. Tonight I came across a new one which I enjoyed very much. It is called  "Expressing from my Heart and Soul" @ Keren, the blog owner is very talented in mixed media and scrapbooking. She designs and has been published in a few different scrapbooking magazines. If you are into this type of crafting I recommend hopping over to her blog and checking her out. She is currently hosting a giveaway with some really great supplies.

I love when I find a great blog like this. It is a great source of inspiration for creating my own works of art and mixed media, and it also helps me in learning all kinds of  new and different techniques. I have a great idea for a line of scrapbooking themes that are hard to find online or otherwise, and I am hoping to learn all I can so I can actually design my own line. I know, BIG dreams, but I believe that is how most things transpire and come to be, it all starts with a dream. Maybe I am crazy to think I could possibly design a line of scrapbooking supplies, I mean I can hardly figure out how to work a simple blog. With faith all things are possible, even big and crazy dreams.

I recently watched a video on Netflix, and also read the book called "The Secret". The theory is if you think positively, and you believe in certain things you would like to happen in your life, that those things can actually happen. I don't know if all that is true or not. What I do know is that as a person of faith, if I pray on it, and I have faith in God and myself that all things are possible. So why can't my dream be possible?? I guess time will tell.

God Bless,
Kimmie <3

1 comment:

  1. Kimmie,

    First of all, trying to blog every day is so hard and really that sets you up for "failure." I find that twice a week is doable and if I fall short on a week, that's okay - no blog police are going to come and get me! But try once a week or even twice a month to start.

    I think it's wonderful about your dreams. That's where great inventions come from. You've made the first step, deciding what you want to design and you're working toward that goal. I'm a journal writer and a great exercise is to write the date a year from now and then write like you have accomplished the goal. Be specific what you have accomplished. Then write today's date. Six months from now see where you are on the road to that goal. When the year rolls around and if you haven't accomplished that goal, look at where you've come and adjust that statement. Also vision boards are great. Thinking positive instead of "Maybe I'm crazy..." puts that energy out there in the universe and prayer - a biggie. I look forward to seeing what happens with you in a year.