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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Well I haven't written since my first post. I was going to write daily, but then decided that I'm essentially writing to myself right now. I am still on the hunt for the "right" curriculum for my DD. I am not having a rigid, or mirrored image of school, but I do feel having a math curriculum and I am looking at 2 language curriculum's and a music curriculum to supplement with lessons for Violin/Fiddle.
I like the Eclectic/"UN"Schooling type style, it suites me and my daughter, but I can't waiver on Math. I am not a mathematical wonder and I need to know she's learning so she can get through College Algebra one day. She is only in the 6th grade, but watching her 4 older siblings grow, she'll be in college in the blink of an eye.
I have name my school a Prep and Arts School, so I want her to have a more laid back approach to learning. She is learning higher level material as apposed to her PS brethren, but her dad isn't quite that on board. I had a heck of a time to convince him that she'd become a more confident young women by being taught by me than going to school and being made to feel bad about herself by her peers and yes some teachers on an almost daily basis. I can't tolerate or accept a 11/12 yr old coming home crying and feeling inferior. She is actually quite the opposite... she is funny, kind, loyal to a fault, caring, and an amazing Irish Dancer. She also has a gifted ear for music. Unfortunately whether these kids learn it at home or on the tv or from other siblings or peers, she was continually made fun of because of her glasses, which she has to wear whenever awake, she has a condition called Amblyopia in her L eye, that is an underdevelopment of her muscle in her eye which causes the eye to look lazy and making her legally blind in that eye. She has thick beautiful wavy/curly hair, something kids think is as messy and fuzzy, and she is a dancer so she has very muscular calves and she isn't the size of my pinky so that also screams to other girls call me names. I couldn't tolerate my child feeling emotionally bullied anymore. She is now happier than ever, she actually attended her first home school dance tonite and looked beautiful and had an awesome time. Not one kid t that danced looked at my DD and saw what her public school peers saw. Tonite she felt as welcome and belonging as if she were at a family function. I love her friends she met that home school, they are great role models and examples of what is right and good in this world. Home school parents rock!!!!! My DD is also realizing she also ROCKS!!!!
So should anyone read this, please feel free to comment and throw any suggestions my way. I know I have to build my own path to SUCCESS, but some advice never hurts. Thanks for reading.......
May the road rise up to meet you and May God be with you and bless you.....