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As a note of interest; I am not proficient in the world of html yet. So when I post on these individual pages it runs as one long  post. I just seperate the posts and make sure and try and date them. So if you were brought here from Pinterest or another link, scroll down and you will most likey find the link that brought you to this page. Apologies for the inconvenience. I am still new to this and very TECHNO CHALLENGED!!! I will get the hang of this soon, I PROMISE!!! Until then thank you for your patience. If you have any questions about a paticular post please feel free to email me or leave a comment. THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!!!

I help my oldest daughter who is in college with my granddaughter Kaya Rose. Kaya turned 2 in February and she is like a learning sponge. She wants to know how everything works, she wants to know how to pronounce her words, she loves books and being read to. So I decided when she is here she will homeschool along with her Aunt Bridget. Kaya is in her glory when she gets to do school work too. 
With Kaya we lapbook, do hands on projects, or explore the bugs we find when sitting on the porch. 
 As I watch my granddaughter learn I reflect back on my own kids at that age. I make comments to others how I wished I homeschooled all my kids, and as I work with my granddaughter I realize that I did homeschool my kids when they were Pre-K. I only wish I knew about lapbooking back then. We have made 5 lapbooks so far, and we are getting ready to make one on "Our Daily Prayers" My daughter loves the lapbooks, and takes them home and uses them as teaching tools for Kaya. I'm most excited about doing the Daily Prayers lapbook and can't wait to share it with you. I am going to show you what we have been doing to this point.  

I wanted to add to this page as I see it has gotten a few hits, I am putting the links to these lap books, which are free I might add. 
1. Humpty Dumpty;
I couldn't find the Shapes & Colors Lapbook, but if you go to you will find tons and tons of great resources for FREE!!!!! I wish I had posted this sooner, but I am really just getting the whole blogging thing. 
Her Humpty Dumpty Lapbook

Her completed Lapbook

Her pop-up book

Working on her Shapes & Colors

Helping replant my Jade plant

A caterpillar she found.
Kaya cried when she couldn't keep it.

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