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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Feeling a bit Slack and disconnected


I'm feeling a bit slack and lazy, I feel like every ounce of energy has been drained from body. It hurts to move today. I cooked nothing, though I had plans for a great Italian meal. I planned on Braciole and Mannicotti. Homemade of course. These are 2 very wonderful but very time consuming Italian dishes.
I learned how to make these a kid from my Italian grandmothers and aunts. I learned it all by site and taste too. I'll enclose some pics or video of my preparing, and would be happy to share my recipes, I just won't have measurements for you.
I actually have recipes written by grandma to me when I got married, she had all the ingredients, and directions, just no measurements. I was to know based on what she taught me, and her grams taught her and so on. But by teaching me to cook the way she did, I can actually go to a restaurant and duplicate most recipes at home. Which works out well for the hubby when he finds a dish he likes. I wish I could draw like I cook. Before my back revolted on me, I had always wanted to Cater. I can barely cook for my family these days.
I miss my grandmother something awful. I know she watches over me. I wish I could have learned more from her, but when your a kid you don't realize how important those traditions are.
I am working on trying to pass on to my kids the old ways passed on to me. I talk to my kids about the old ways and traditions from my childhood. I miss the way things were when I was a kid.
So now I take the old mix it in with new, and I am making the act of having TRADITION important to my kids. That having tradition is what keeps our family legacy alive. So they will cook with me, and it will be a teaching & learning experience. It will also be one of those memories they will carry with them like I do from my childhood.
Also with tradition comes family and friends. Those who make our lives happy, you bring laughter and joy. So those are the pictures I chose to share, the ones were family and friends prevail, and become a part of our tales and traditions.
Until tomorrow....
God Bless,

My Son Warming me up, I was freezing cold.

Gidget & Her childhood friend Kaitlyn loving on our dog who is 18 and is at the end

Jacob with Adella a.k.a Delly

A portion of the Hogan Clan taking Vigil at the Hospital when my Brother in law had a near fatal stroke

Me & The Gidget on our Travels

One of the Boxer dogs had the "GAS", enough to peel paint from the walls

Showing off our: Colella" Hats.The name of my sister Kris's business, our Maiden Name

Our Charlie Brown tree sporting some traditional Christmas Cookies made by my Mom and sister Kari

A family outing, my granddaughter Kaya showing her warm and fuzzy side...NOT!!!

Gidget, Amelia, & Selene; her "sisters" from dance, building their own friendships and traditions.

Mikayala, Gidget & Selene showing support at a Feis. Don't they look just GORGEOUS!!!
We as adults could learn what perseverance and hard work is from these girls.