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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Of Color; Artisist Choice


Hello all, how are you doing? I am hanging in there. Life has been a bit stressful lately. More so than usual. I've been told once or twice that God never gives us more than we can handle, quite frankly I'm beginning to think whoever came up with that phrase has never experienced a truly stressful period in their life. Though I'd quite like to think that, I'm more than doubtful these days. I can say that I'm blessed that my family is healthy and together, so in that sense life is good.
I have been working on a summer homeschool schedule. I know cruel and usual punishment, right. Not really. I actually have Gidget doing a lighter schedule than her regular school year. She will continue with Math, Reading, and working on her writing. Gidget is actually on board. She will actually be a grade level ahead in a Math and Language Arts. Which is favorable since she will be starting Latin in the Fa;;, along with an outside Science class, and we will be starting a Charlotte Mason Co-op as well. which we are both super excited about. 
Also this summer Gidget will be getting brand new choreographed dances for her Irish dancing, so she will be working hard on that all Summer to be ready for Fall competitions. Her dance school has a choreographer coming from Letterkenny, Ireland in a few weeks to teach the Champion level dancers all new dances. She is both anxious and excited. 
Today I made myself a list of about 15 things I am going to work on over the Summer. In hopes that 1. I will relieve some of the stress in my life, 2. I will enrich myself by learning new things, and 3. Feel a sense of actual accomplishment by completing my long overdue list.
One of the things on my list is the "Summer Of Color: Artists Choice", which is blog event that will take place over a 6 wk period. Each week we will be given a color prompt in which to create something artistic. It can be any medium we choose. Please feel free to click on the button on my side bar to read in detail more about it. I never seem to follow through with things these days, so I'm hoping this will change all that. After all, it is only one color prompted project a week, right? 
I've also been working on a few other projects which I will be post about next time. One of my biggest goals is to work on separating all my art stuff onto a separate blog from homeschool stuff. I'm also working on changing my homeschool content around. All a very tall order for someone who can't blog regularly, who is techno challenged, and struggles with my pain levels 2/3 rd's of the month. One can hope….
Well I am hoping that this finds you all well, and please feel free to check out Summer of Color, and join in.
Kimmie <3
Gidget's Last Feis, she placed 4th(19) & 10th(25)

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