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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Switch to Bloglovin'

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Well I've decided to join in and jump ship from Google Reader to Bloglovin'. If you haven't yet signed yourself up, pop on over to and join. It's actually wonderful. 
How it works; I get a daily post from bloglovin that shows posts from my favorite blogs, it runs as one post, showing each individual blog, each one has a quick description of the post content, so I can decide if I want to read more. I can also post a comment quickly and easily right from bloglovin. It's rather nice being able to do this all from one page without having to hop from blog to blog. 
It is also very simple to switch everything over from Google Reader to Bloglovin, this way you can keep all of subscriptions from Google Reader. You simply click on this link:, it will bring you to this prompt,

you then click on the blue bar, choose your google address if you have more than one. (I have 5 gmail addresses, so I checked each one.) After a few minutes, like magic, all my subscriptions in Google Reader are now on my bloglovin' account.

Then to find my blog I clicked on the downward arrow by the little heart in the browser and clicked my blog in which this screen pops up; It says MY BLOG, you type your blogs name in and hit search, it will then give you a html code to put on your blog, which you see below, and then I just need to hit Publish. (and hope it works)

So I'm rather Techno challenged, and hope I explained that switch well enough. If not feel free to ask me any further questions, or just read it over on bloglovin. It is all really easy. The old adage"If I can do it, so can you", truly applies in this situation. When I say I am Techno challenged, I am a get frustrated easily, scream and spit, and mumble @#*& and *%#$@ out loud. Bloglovin has made the switch easy. 
Hope to see you there very very soon.

Blessings All,


  1. Hi Kimberley, I made the switch a few weeks ago, but I don't receive any emails from Bloglovin'. Did you have to sign up for that?

  2. I did the same and switched to bloglovin. I find it's better than feedly which got me confused! :^) patsy