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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day #2 Blog-Along with Effy.


So today is day 2 of the blog-along with Effy. It is a 30 day blog challenge, click here to check it out. Shout out to thank my commentor's for my first post!! You made me smile!!!! ((((HUGS))) ladies!!!!!
I'm both excited and nervous. I'm nervous because I once posed a 30 day blog challenge to myself, and it was much harder than it sounds. Also when doing such a challenge I find you are more likely to have to share more personal parts of yourself, because some days when things really suck, that's all you can give of yourself. For me sharing means being vulnerable, which means you can be judged and get your heart stepped on, and that's a scary feeling. My best friend ripped my heart into 1000's of pieces a few yrs ago, and it never quite healed the same. I'm excited because I get a chance to meet new peeps, to be inspired by talented and amazing women(or men). I can say after day 1, I had the pleasure of "meeting" some new peeps. Several of the posts I read I discovered a few fine folks with whom I have much in common. So besides meeting a challenge, I'm hoping to reach the end and have made new friends, and to maybe discover something new about myself. 
I had originally started this particular blog as a tool in my homeschool journey with my youngest daughter. All of my kids attended public school. My youngest began homeschooling in 6th grade. My oldest 3 have all graduated and I have a son in 11th grade still in public school. Somehow this blog strayed from what I had originally intended. The biggest factor… I'm technologically challenged. I find to run a multifaceted blog, having computer and HTML skills are imperative. I even thought about paying to have someone do all the work for me, but one, I don't blog enough, and two, I can't afford it. So I have a blog, but not one I'm crazy about. I have been contemplating staring a new blog that is dedicated solely to my art journey, and keep this and truly blog about our homeschool journey. I'll just add that to the list!!
So a bit about me, I am dear say it..46. I'm not aging gracefully. Quite frankly I am struggling  with it. I have been married 27 years to an Irish man who can still make me laugh, but most days I wanna duct tape his mouth. We have 5 very amazing kids, Kady is 27, she has a 4 yr old daughter Kaya,(my Polly Pissy Pants) and is expecting baby #2 in August. She is finishing up college, is learning to cook like me, (I grew up in an Italian restaurant) and looks like me. The other four look like their dad. Kyle will be 25 in exactly 4 days, he is the eternal smart-ass. He is absolutely brilliant, but sometimes think he went to one too many parties in college. He got a Lacrosse scholarship to go to college. He has big goals. Jacob is 20, (21 in Sept) he works 2 jobs and goes to college. He wants to be either FBI or a US Marshall. He is my pretty boy, but is an old soul. Michael a.k.a. "Meat" a name he acquired in pop warner football, is 17 and the one who gives me a run for my money. Though he plays Lacrosse and works and has a 3.75 GPA. Then I have Bridget 14, she homeschools, and is a competitive Champion level Irish dancer. She is a really sweet, funny and is also an old soul. I have 2 Boxers, Adella & Bruiser, who are crazy dogs. 
I love to work on my art, I'm a huge movie buff, (I'm not a chick-flick fan) My favorite TV is BONES, Dr. Who, Being Human, Supernatural, Downton Abbey, Criminal Minds, and Big Bang Theory. I'm sure I can add to that list, but those are my top go to's. I love listening to Mumford & Sons while I work on art, or sleep. (that's when I can sleep)
I have a many health issues and am on disability. Though most people look at me and think I look perfectly fine, and am using the system. I wish the nay-sayers could walk in my shoes for a day. 
So that is a little bit about me. Nothing exciting, borders on boring. But it is my life, and It's not perfect, but it's mine. Some days I will babble, some days I may put nothing but a quote, some days I might cry, but I am going to work hard to see this through and write my day how it goes. I just wanted you to know what makes up my life, my family!!! You'll hear lots about them. Hopefully you'll continue to choose to come back and check in from time to time. 
It's 3:30 am and I need to get this posted and go to bed. I'll be popping by and visiting later once I'm up and awake. So happy blogging… Thanks for stopping. Feel free to leave any comments or questions, or email me if you'd like. Ta Ta For Now….


  1. I can totally relate to many of the things you referenced in your post!! I, too, set a goal for this 30 days blog, but I've tried it several times before, and never managed to complete it...we'll see how this one goes!

    Shine on!

  2. Gosh you really tell it how it is for you. I’m not sure I’ll go into as much detail as you have. The biggest thing is to be passionate about what you do this will shine through and if you are enjoying it this will rub off on your audience. I am a big believer that you can learn things like html for free – check out youtube videos for starters  Enjoy the process and follow your passion

  3. I can relate to your fears of sharing and being vulnerable. I'm fairly good at putting things out there but when I am really vulnerable I will usually run and hide and not blog for a while so this will be a challenge for me to stay in the light and not hide. It can be scary but I believe you can do it! I look forward to reading your posts

  4. Popping over after your kind comment on my blog. It's nice to get to know a little bit more about you. Wishing you all of the best in our blog-along! :)

  5. Hi Kimmie - I'm so happy you stopped by my blog so I could find yours!! I feel like I know you now after reading your post!! Good luck with your 30 Day Blog Challenge!! I know I wouldn't be able to keep up!! I'm happy to be your newest follower!! I hope you stop by often and I'll do the same!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts