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Thursday, January 10, 2013



Happy New Year to all. I hope you have recovered from your holiday season. I had a "PLAGUE" that had taken residence in my house. Everyone is finally back on the mend.
My Older kids start their college classes back in a few weeks, my 10th grader has returned to public school, and my 7th grader is back in full swing with her homeschooloing studies.
Now we have only been at this a little bit over a year. Last year was the "DE" Schooling phase. We covered the main things such as the 3 "R"'s so to speak and experimented with various curriculum, curriculum styles, it is like finding=ng your way in the dark.
We started using this year. It is a scope and sequence that follows a Catholic Curriculum, using Charlotte Mason style methods.
My dd finds the book work very very boring. So we are changing things up again. I love the CM style methods, so we are doing Unit Studies using, to create our own curriculum for the rest of the year. We will are using Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra for Math, Worldly Wise3000 for Vocab, and designing the rest as we go. We do have our Catholic based books, History, English, Spelling, etc to use as a guide to build our own studies.
My Daughter really really wants to start Tapestry of Grace next year and through High School. So I am really considering it.
I follow a few really great homeschool blogs that have loads of great freebies, printables, or curriculum help that support our style of homeschooling.
So for that FREEBIE. Here is a link good until 01/11/13 until 11:59 pm. 

2), 3) 4)
5) 6)

This link will bring you to a whole homeschool planner, for moms and students. They have color choices, a variety of calendars, transcripts, report cards, etc. If you are the mom who is very much into organization, this is for you. 
Now for me, it will hopefully allow me to be more organized. The offer on the 1st link  expires on 01/11/13 @ 11:59 pm, so pass this link along to your friends. Definitely worth a look.
I hope you find something you can use, or pass along to someone who can. This site also has loads of great printables for unit studies, and curriculum supplements.
Have fun checking out these resources. I'd love if you choose to get any of their planners to link it back to here. I would be most grateful. Enjoy the links.

God Bless,

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