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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lots To Say


Lots to say today. First today my oldest daughter and my 1st born is 26 today. I almost want to choke when I say that number. It just doesn't seem possible it has been 26 years since I had my 1st child. Funny how my kids are all getting older and growing up, but I still feel mentally like I am as young now as when I got married, but my body feels as though it is 90 yrs old some days. Today though is a good day, today is a day for celebration…. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear dear Kady Rose. 
Also Bridget and I finished our sketchbooks for "The Sketchbook Project". That has been a lot of fun for both of us. I joined for myself as a way of forcing myself to continue to learn how to create, draw and learn how to Art Journal, and create mixed media art. I signed Bridget up about a month afterward as a part of her homeschooling. Bridget can look at a picture of a horse and draw it, or a dress she likes, so I thought she could continue to grow her sketching skills by doing The Sketcbook Project. Much to my surprise, she took her book in a completely different direction. It was hers to create in, so I let her do what she wanted with it. 
My book deffinitely helped me to continue to learn and grow as an Artist. Not that I would classify myself as such, but I did learn many new techniques. I definitely have a tremedous love for Art and want to continue growing and learning. I will definitely join again for this year as well. That way I can watch my skills grow over the next few years. Itook pictures to share. I also wrote a poem for my sketchbook on what Art means to me. It is on the 1st page of my sketchbook, but I will write out for you to all read. I used to writ a lot of poetry when I was younger, and got away from it. Needless to say i enjoyed writing this one. Here is goes:

As I sit and try,
to find the Artist within,
I have no idea where to start
how to begin,
as I ponder
on how I am to be,
I feel at a loss for this
doesn't feel like me,
My desire to create, draw,
and paint is more powerful
than Ione can believe,
I am working hard
tearing down walls,
digging deep for the emotion to create
As I sit and try to 
find the Artist deep within
raw, naked, ready to go,
to start and begin no longer
left to ponder
Who is this Artist within??
- Kimberly Hogan
So there it is, my poem on finding my artist within. Slowly I am finding out who that is, but I still have a long road until I reach my destination.
Here is the photos of mine & Bridget's sketchbooks, mine first.
Inside cover and 1st page with my poem
Mixed Media Collage

my poem

Layers of paints

Mixed media piece

Print transfer with watercolor. Also you can see the string from where I rebound the book

The last page and back cover, made to look like one work of art


Mixed media collage. The quote is one of mine, it says;
"Sometimes life turns you upside down and carried you away and takes you to places unknown…
….Enjoy the ride for it may take you to your DESITNY!!!" -Kimmie Hogan

Mied media using watercolor pencils and a stencil

Bridget's Sketchbook

Mixed media usind Watercolor Crayons

The Cover

1st page

Add caption

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This is one of Bridget's Favorite pages

Add caption

Add caption

I hope you have enjoyed our Sketchbooks. We definitely had fun creating them. I look forward to sharing more of our art throughout the year.
Hoping this finds you all well.
Many Blessing,

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