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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

WOYWW #214


Well It's another WOYWW over at Julia's. This is my first year doing this, actually it's only my third week, and I have "met" some of the nicest, supportive, positive, and truly talented women from around the globe. How many places can you find like that??? It's fun popping in on others to see their creative world. I just wish there were enough hours in the day to visit every single person that links up. 
So this week I finished my cover to my Bisquick box journal, which is a tutorial I got from Jenniebellie's cereal box journal here, and her large box journal here using the same technique as her cereal box journal, only a bit different. I Tinted some Titanium Buff acrylic with a very light Pink, then used Distress inks on the edges and to bring out the crinkles in the paper. I then used Twinkle H20's on the spine and Dylusions stamps. I stamped the images(except the ones on the spine) onto manilla paper, painted with H20's and cut out and glued on. I glued a 30 ss AB Swarovski crystal (left over from stoning Gidget's Irish Dance dress) for some bling. I don't know if I am totally sold on the Twinkling H20's. I love the shimmer, but they take some fore thought to use, and som work to get the consistency right. But I do LOVE there shimmer. I'm all about twinkly, shiny, sparkly things. (just in my art, and my eyeshadow) So here is how my cover turned out.
The Cover

The Spine(have to order wax linen)

The Back Cover
Chillin' On the Wall
Spine Close-Up
Close Up of her Bling

I have also been working on one of my Life Book 2013 assignments. This one was 
Stencils, Masks & More with Joann Loftus. Basically we journaled our feeling onto our canvas, then we Gesso'd, painted, stenciled, collaged, and put it all together. Mine turned out a bit different than it was intended too. I mistakingly decided that I would add some "FINE TOUCHES". Well we all know that those usually don't turn out fine. I ended up spending an added 30 minutes trying to fix my "Fine Touches". I used the Twinkling H20's on the Tulip, and the Butterfly, (which has an AB Swarovski Crystal too) Then I thought well I will add some to bring out the Swirls, UUUGGGGHHHH.
What the hell was I thinking?? I had to paint over the entire paper, twice. Now if you have never used TH20's, they are a bit of a pain, maybe it's just cuz I'm new to them, or I just can't form a bond with them, regardless, I struggle with them. They require some thought cuz you have to spray them with water at least 15 minutes prior to using them, then try and get the right consistency, I think they are more work than I have patience for. I don't like sitting and waiting, I lose momentum, or I get distracted with another project and never get back to what I was originally was doing. Thats why I have 100 unfinished projects.
Now if some you have never heard of Joann Loftus, she is one of the most delightful people ever. She is talented, and funny. Her lesson for LB had a BLOOPER reel. I was Pee'ing my pants I laughed so hard. A much needed laugh I might add. Do any of you do Life Book with Tam Laporte?? I'm behind, as I am on my SOC and ICAD.  I have been WOYWW desk peeping all week. Ok, well I have definitely rambled long enough. Thank you from the bottom of my aging heart for stopping by and checking me out. I love comments. Please feel free to follow me on Google and Bloglovin', if yo do, I will follow you back. If not, I will still stop by and see you, I hope you all have a great Hump Day!!! 
The Tulip

The Butterfly with Bling

My Stencil area with empowering words

My Workdesk/Coffee Table

Tim Holtz Word stickers

Feeling words I chose

At the top of the page

I still need to Glue my GIRL down

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Latest Supply Haul


The mail brought something other than bills on Saturday. I got some goodies from, and
Being I can't afford to buy my Neo Color ll crayons and Derwent Watercolor pencils by the set, I have been buying them in singles in the colors I want. I also got 2 Strathmore Visual Journals, 1-9x12 140lb Watercolor journal, and 1-5.5"x8" Mixed Media journal, 2 tubes of Liquitex acrylics in Grey and Pink, some Sharpie Paint Pens, some Sharpie China Markers and a tub of Golden Gel Matte.
From I got some Crafter's Workshop stencils, cuz you can NEVER have enough stencils, I got a Clear Resist Ink Pad, a cute pkg of stickers, and lastly I got some Dylusions Stamps. They were on sale at 50% off, yup that's right, 50% off which made them $10.99 each. I was excited about this sale. I haven't had any of these stamps in my collection because they are so expensive. I couldn't justify $20 for a set no matter how cool they are. This is the second time has had this sale, so now I have about half of all the sets. I signed up for their newsletter which always comes with a 40% off any one item that can be used online or in store, or a free shipping on orders over $50.
Now my budget is spent for the next 3 months. Without further ado my haul. BTW… I CAN NOT figure out for the life of me how in the world to add several photos and get them to space evenly. They always end up all wonky and chaotically spread out. I have tried over and over to get them all nice and neat, and it just isn't to be. SORRY..

Add caption

Friday, July 5, 2013

Giveaway at C'est Magnifique Kits


         July Bits and Pieces Giveaway over at C'est Magnifique 

Look at all this crafty goodness. Hop on over now!!!! It's easy to enter!!!
Contest ends at Midnight on 7/12/13… Winner will be drawn at random. Good Luck!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

WOYWW # 213


Well another week gone. The year is more than half over and Christmas will be here next week At least it always seems that way after the 4th of July. I'm really enjoyng partaking in WOYWW. So this week I am working on making myself a "Heal Thyself" journal. I'm using the concept by Jenniebellie's cereal box journal; here. Jenniebellie is a true inspiration. I've been struggling with emotional and physical issues the past 5 or so years, and I have been burying my feelings for so long it is starting to effect my well being. I have always been a very happy go lucky, laid back, let's have a good time kinda girl. Not so much these days. Now there is not much I can do to heal my Chronic Pain, I also have some other health issues that are long term effects of the treatments I received for Lymphosarcoma, translated, cancer of the Lymph nodes. But my emotional baggage is something I have control over, and I can do something about. So I have made a journal, well I am still working on it, but I'm 80% done. My biggest struggle in finishing is painting the right cover. I want the image on the cover to represent what this journal will stand for. Before I share my pictures, I'd also like to share another awesome website and artist I have been following who resonates emotional healing and well being with me, Tam LaPorte, here. I have been doing her Life Book course, which I am a bit behind with, but when I am ready to, will share. Without further ado, my coffee table work desk.

I chose a bisquick box 
I glued the tabs for extra durability

Plastic-like; strengthen the spine

I also added Joint tape to the spine

My now sturdy spine

for the cover

Can you see my heart??

Paper too thin

So I added a 2nd layer

I cut a piece of canvas, stitched around it and glued it down

See all the stringy goodness

I stitched on a giant tag, and the entire signature

Stitchedon lace and down the signature;more stringy goodness

The back of a parchment style card foldes and stitched on for a pocket
All 7 signatures, with 5 sheets of card stock

Needs to be painted and signatures sewn in, measures 9-1/4x6-1/4

I apologize for the wonky spacing of the pictures. I am very techno challenged. I'm trying, but not very successfully. I have finally started figuring out how to add links, so I guess that's progress. Also, I Made it in the top 20 this week, I think I made the top 10. Yeah me!!! Hope you all enjoyed my post this week. I can't wait to see what everyone else is doing!!! Please feel free to follow me both on google and bloglovin', not only will it make me happy, I will also follow you back. Happy Hump Day!!! 



Saturday, June 29, 2013

What Kind Of Flower Are You?


 You Are a Snapdragon

"Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh."

(Click on the button on my side-bar, see what kind of flower you are!!)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Going's On


What is going on in my world:

Well, today is "National Kiss Your Pet Day". My 7 yr old Boxer Bruiser was more than happy to oblige me while trying to pin him down for a photo op. My other Boxer Adella who is 10, is a bit more excitable and harder to get a picture of. Plus her breath is less than desirable. I also have an 18 yr old Terrier mix who is senile and would nip at me if I tried loving on her. Yes, you read that right, she is 18. I think she was a cat or a Phoenix in her past life, because there have been several occasions in the past 2 yrs where we thought for sure it was the end, and she bounced back every time. Her name is Bessie and we adopted her from a kill shelter. She was 5 at the time and she was on doggie death row, and when we saw she literally had 24 hrs to be adopted, we stepped in and brought her home. I was 6 months pregnant with Gidget at the time, she is now 13. Bessie has been absolutely a wonderful dog. We spoil our dogs more than our kids. :0

Bruiser Napping with Daddy

Bruiser the Intellectual

Giving Mommy hugs

My son Michael went camping with his girlfriend Heathers family this weekend. They are camping up in Warrior Creek,NC. It is Western NC in the Yadkin River Valley. Hopefully they aren't getting the thunderstorms we have rolling through right now. 
Heather & Michael
I'm also playing around with some new technique's, and art supplies. I just got an order from I got some Caran d'Ache Neo Color II's, some new Derwent pencils, Golden Matte Medium, and Golden Fluid Acrylics. I also ordered 22x30 sheets of Fabriano 140 lb coldpress Watercolor sheets, which haven't arrived yet. I'm using the sheets to make Teesha Moore's 16 page journals.
Here is the link for part 1; and the link for part 2; These 16 page journals are super easy and can be used for Valerie Jodin's journals. Valerie's journals are absolutely beautiful. I really urge you to check out her blog and see all her journals,
One of the techniques I learned from Valerie is to put down Matte Medium before putting down my Golden fluids. This is especially helpful when using a quality heavy watercolor paper. It keeps the paint from being absorbed by the paper too quickly, and it allows for you to move the paint around easier. I drew my doodle Peacock bigger and with less doodle. My Derwent Inktense pencils also worked well on the Golden Matte Medium. It's not quite finished. This is done on a 9x12 piece of Strathmore 140lb hot-press watercolor paper.
My Peacock
Well that's about all for now. We are having one big ole' thunderstorm thunderstorm and the power has already gone out once. So I am going to finish this up before I end up losing the whole post.
Remember to "KISS YOUR PET". Hope you all have a great weekend. (((HUGS)))


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WOYWW & SOC WKS # 2 & 3


So it's been a crazy not so crazy week. I'm most definitely behind on my SOC challenge, and way way behind on the ICAD challenge.
In the SOC challenge I have week 2 done, just not posted. I'm also just about done with week 3. I'll probably just post both weeks at the same time.

As for the ICAD challenge, I have no idea how far behind I am. That's how behind I really am. Though I plan to get as close to caught up as I can this weekend.
I'm also going to work on my Embellished Edges journal for the Embellished Edges mini class I am doing with Valerie Jodin at Valerie is truly talented. The class is only $15 and is self paced. It is a mini course, therefore the lessons are short. I urge you to check out Valerie's work on her blog.

In the last week my daughter Gidget had Champ Camp. All the Champion level dancers got brand new choreographed dances. They had Sean B. who came across the pond from Letter Kenny, Ireland to teach them their new dances. In 6 days Gidget probably spent about 20 + hours at dance. Her poor feet are covered in blisters, her muscles ache, and she is completely wiped out. Even so, she has not stopped smiling. She is actually quite sad that camp is over. (I think there is a lesson in there somewhere) 

Outside of carpooling for camp, (the dance studio is 38 miles from my house) I have not ventured much from the house. Besides the 90 degree humid weather, I have been struggling a lot with my pain levels. Coupled with insomnia, I haven't exactly been motivated to do much of anything. Thus leaving me very frustrated with myself, because I am not a fan of whining, and that's what I am doing right now is whining. I really could have it so much worse. 

Well without further ado, here is my WOYWW (, and my SOC challenge, weeks 2 & 3. I have to add, that I really struggled with the wk 3 color combos. I think a) because we did green in week #1, b) I had trouble getting my Gelli prints to cooperate, and c) my colors really came out muddy this week. I added some stamping and doodling to my prints for both wks # 2 & 3. (I haven't finished my beads yet, I need to finish rolling them.)

Also my work desk is really just my coffee table, which is in much need of a good painting. The house we are currently leasing is small, with very little work and storage space, and my supplies have slowly begun to take over my entire downstairs. Throw in my not so great organizational skills, and…well you get the picture.



SOC wk #2


SOC wk #3


SOC wk #2(everyone LOVES a Hersey Bar)

SOC wk #3

SOC wk #3
SOC wk #3

SOC wk #3

SOC wk #3

SOC wk #3
SOC wk #2

SOC wk #2

SOC wk #2