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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

WOYWW # 213


Well another week gone. The year is more than half over and Christmas will be here next week At least it always seems that way after the 4th of July. I'm really enjoyng partaking in WOYWW. So this week I am working on making myself a "Heal Thyself" journal. I'm using the concept by Jenniebellie's cereal box journal; here. Jenniebellie is a true inspiration. I've been struggling with emotional and physical issues the past 5 or so years, and I have been burying my feelings for so long it is starting to effect my well being. I have always been a very happy go lucky, laid back, let's have a good time kinda girl. Not so much these days. Now there is not much I can do to heal my Chronic Pain, I also have some other health issues that are long term effects of the treatments I received for Lymphosarcoma, translated, cancer of the Lymph nodes. But my emotional baggage is something I have control over, and I can do something about. So I have made a journal, well I am still working on it, but I'm 80% done. My biggest struggle in finishing is painting the right cover. I want the image on the cover to represent what this journal will stand for. Before I share my pictures, I'd also like to share another awesome website and artist I have been following who resonates emotional healing and well being with me, Tam LaPorte, here. I have been doing her Life Book course, which I am a bit behind with, but when I am ready to, will share. Without further ado, my coffee table work desk.

I chose a bisquick box 
I glued the tabs for extra durability

Plastic-like; strengthen the spine

I also added Joint tape to the spine

My now sturdy spine

for the cover

Can you see my heart??

Paper too thin

So I added a 2nd layer

I cut a piece of canvas, stitched around it and glued it down

See all the stringy goodness

I stitched on a giant tag, and the entire signature

Stitchedon lace and down the signature;more stringy goodness

The back of a parchment style card foldes and stitched on for a pocket
All 7 signatures, with 5 sheets of card stock

Needs to be painted and signatures sewn in, measures 9-1/4x6-1/4

I apologize for the wonky spacing of the pictures. I am very techno challenged. I'm trying, but not very successfully. I have finally started figuring out how to add links, so I guess that's progress. Also, I Made it in the top 20 this week, I think I made the top 10. Yeah me!!! Hope you all enjoyed my post this week. I can't wait to see what everyone else is doing!!! Please feel free to follow me both on google and bloglovin', not only will it make me happy, I will also follow you back. Happy Hump Day!!! 




  1. I love your journal Kim. Thank you for sharing all of the steps.

    I met with a group of women today and we were all talking about how much our creativity helped with so many issues in our lives. I know you will enjoy using your beautiful new journal.

  2. Stunning journal, even nicer that you made it yourself, thanks for the step out photos, don't worry where they are on the page, they still make sense, unlike blogger some times!#49

  3. That looks like a huge journal. Beautiful.
    Happy WOYWW and I wish you a lovely week.
    xx Monique #74

  4. Great Journal, and feel sure it will help. Art Journal was my best discovery ever, really does help to get those feelings out, even if they are then all covered up (often a better thing) I follow Jelliebellie too and Tam, sadly couldnt afford her course but would love to take one, one day.

    Lynda #93

  5. Hi Kim
    what a wonderful idea and I am sure it will go a long way towards getting the happy content person back that you used to be. We know it will not take the pain away but it will not allow the pain to rule your life.
    I live with chronic pain so I understand where you are coming from.
    Love this idea and wish you lots of luck and send you lots of love as you go through this journey
    Happy WOYWW and have a great week
    Ria #52

  6. Good luck with the journal and I hope it helps
    I understand about the pain I to suffer
    I hope things get better for you going forward
    Jackie 38

  7. Keeping an art journal can be so therapeutic and healing, I know! I love that you show the process of making your book. Enjoy working in it! You found some inspiring ladies to learn from too - both Jelliebellie and Tam LaPorte are well known for inspiring the art journal world. Happy woyww and hug from Holland, Marit #101

  8. Excellent attitude to the crap life throws at us, I'm sure the journal will help you reach a better place in life. I'm a firm believer that our fears and emotions only rule us if we let them. As to the LOTV stamps, shout if you'd like some stamped images to play with, I'm happy to share!

    Brenda 1

  9. Ah Kim, I hope the journal helps you to unpack th ebaggage..really, getting rid of carrying it about will improve your life..and it will still be in the journal to mull over when you need to.

  10. Such a lovely journal in the making....well done you! And blogger pictures? ...It drives me round the bend, soooo hit and miss! I hardly ever have them where I want to! Enjoy July 4th and Happy WOYWW! #34

  11. Wonderful journal! Really nicely done. I'm sure it'll be a pleasure using it.
    Wishing you all the best on your journey! (...I'm a cancer survivor myself...)
    Jana #76

  12. Fantastic start to what will be a wonderful journey. I love thet you made it yourself so everything from cover to inside - front to back will be all you and what you pour of yourself.

  13. I think that is the best use of an empty Bisquick box yet, they do make great covers and I love how it has turned out. Journaling is such a personal thing and I think it always helps to get it down on paper and dealing with it on a one to one basis, you don't need to carry it all around in your head. Annette #4

  14. awesome journal! I can empathize with all the crap that you are going through cause I seem to be on a parallel track. Cancer of the face 2007 and it has been down hill ever since. Now on disability for multiple reasons. have fun with the journal. Vickie # 93

  15. Wow! Kim that's a great tutorial! Thank you so much. And thank you too for stopping by my blog! Yours is inspirational! I shall most definitely follow you. It is really fabulous and you don't seem techno challenged at all: I am totally rubbish at technology!!! Julie Ann xxx

  16. Good luck finding the image you want for the cover. I know we put so much importance on some decisions but remember it's what's inside that matters most. I love how you've made this from the B-box!

  17. The journal is going to be a real help, both in the creating and then the using....sometimes we all need a little help and it sounds as if you've had a rough road the past few years. So well done for keeping your chin up!
    I like the look of your journal, it's a helpful tutorial too!!
    Take care and thanks for visiting my blog :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 59 xx

  18. I think your journal is a wonderful idea,
    Rosie x