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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

WOYWW #214


Well It's another WOYWW over at Julia's. This is my first year doing this, actually it's only my third week, and I have "met" some of the nicest, supportive, positive, and truly talented women from around the globe. How many places can you find like that??? It's fun popping in on others to see their creative world. I just wish there were enough hours in the day to visit every single person that links up. 
So this week I finished my cover to my Bisquick box journal, which is a tutorial I got from Jenniebellie's cereal box journal here, and her large box journal here using the same technique as her cereal box journal, only a bit different. I Tinted some Titanium Buff acrylic with a very light Pink, then used Distress inks on the edges and to bring out the crinkles in the paper. I then used Twinkle H20's on the spine and Dylusions stamps. I stamped the images(except the ones on the spine) onto manilla paper, painted with H20's and cut out and glued on. I glued a 30 ss AB Swarovski crystal (left over from stoning Gidget's Irish Dance dress) for some bling. I don't know if I am totally sold on the Twinkling H20's. I love the shimmer, but they take some fore thought to use, and som work to get the consistency right. But I do LOVE there shimmer. I'm all about twinkly, shiny, sparkly things. (just in my art, and my eyeshadow) So here is how my cover turned out.
The Cover

The Spine(have to order wax linen)

The Back Cover
Chillin' On the Wall
Spine Close-Up
Close Up of her Bling

I have also been working on one of my Life Book 2013 assignments. This one was 
Stencils, Masks & More with Joann Loftus. Basically we journaled our feeling onto our canvas, then we Gesso'd, painted, stenciled, collaged, and put it all together. Mine turned out a bit different than it was intended too. I mistakingly decided that I would add some "FINE TOUCHES". Well we all know that those usually don't turn out fine. I ended up spending an added 30 minutes trying to fix my "Fine Touches". I used the Twinkling H20's on the Tulip, and the Butterfly, (which has an AB Swarovski Crystal too) Then I thought well I will add some to bring out the Swirls, UUUGGGGHHHH.
What the hell was I thinking?? I had to paint over the entire paper, twice. Now if you have never used TH20's, they are a bit of a pain, maybe it's just cuz I'm new to them, or I just can't form a bond with them, regardless, I struggle with them. They require some thought cuz you have to spray them with water at least 15 minutes prior to using them, then try and get the right consistency, I think they are more work than I have patience for. I don't like sitting and waiting, I lose momentum, or I get distracted with another project and never get back to what I was originally was doing. Thats why I have 100 unfinished projects.
Now if some you have never heard of Joann Loftus, she is one of the most delightful people ever. She is talented, and funny. Her lesson for LB had a BLOOPER reel. I was Pee'ing my pants I laughed so hard. A much needed laugh I might add. Do any of you do Life Book with Tam Laporte?? I'm behind, as I am on my SOC and ICAD.  I have been WOYWW desk peeping all week. Ok, well I have definitely rambled long enough. Thank you from the bottom of my aging heart for stopping by and checking me out. I love comments. Please feel free to follow me on Google and Bloglovin', if yo do, I will follow you back. If not, I will still stop by and see you, I hope you all have a great Hump Day!!! 
The Tulip

The Butterfly with Bling

My Stencil area with empowering words

My Workdesk/Coffee Table

Tim Holtz Word stickers

Feeling words I chose

At the top of the page

I still need to Glue my GIRL down


  1. Never heard of Joann Loftus or of Life Books. Sounds like something interesting, though, since we are both part of SOC and ICADs. Glad you are checking out all the desks, too.

    I really like your cover, and am a big fan of H2Os. I have found you need to add water, then walk away and allow them to activate. After that, they are heavenly. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  2. I love how your Bisquick packaging is turning out, the colours are great and the shine, presumably from the H20's is lovely, never have too much sparkle in my book!! Annette #7

  3. Love that purple on your cover. I have a few cosic paints that sparlke I guess they are the same as Twinkle. Really nice paint! Have a great crafty week! HaPpY WoYwW
    ((Lyn)) #11

  4. I have watched the same video! Your box journal turned out really pretty. I also find things that I cannot bond with and the frustration is equal to dieting around chocolate cake!!
    Krisha #5

  5. Happy WOYWW
    Looks like you have a very busy desk

  6. Glad you are enjoying the fun that is WOYWW! Love your photos. Helen 17

  7. Hi Kimberely
    You have some lovely projects going on at the moment. Your Life Journal sounds interesting. I will have to find out more and maybe join in.
    Have a happy week
    Lynda B #38

  8. i know what you mean about 100 unfinished projects but your desk shows you have finished a lot of projects! i haven't tried those TH2Os but with your description, i don't think i have the patience for them. glad you're enjoying WOYWW!

  9. Lol, you and me both....Bling Queens, I mean!! You can never have too much glitter and sparkle...and if people say 'that's enough', I add more!! sighs happily. I'd have a disco ball in my house if I could :-)
    Hugs, LLJ x45 xx

  10. Glad you are keeping on keeping on with us. Love your covers. #62

  11. Hi there Kimberly! What a great post! Here in the UK I haven't heard about Joanne Loftus and Life Books but it sounds a great idea. I really love what you have been creating, especially that spider on the spine; I actually love spiders, although my darling daughter has a phobia of them! Twinkling H2Os! When I started crafting a couple of years back I bought some, but they never seemed to work for me. Perhaps I was too impatient like you! I came to just love acrylics and I tend to use Frescos and Portfolios now all the time. Love your woyww posts after my first visit last week! Julie Ann #55

  12. Love the shimmer of H20's - they take some getting used to but great when you do! Happy WOYWW! 70 x

  13. I am on my third week here too. Love your journal work and all the other fun projects.

    Lynda #82

  14. You have done well, its coming along nicely and will look awesome when finished
    Bridget #1

  15. I love H2o's and you have used them so well. Great work on show here - must go and check your link.
    Keep crafting - I love what you are doing.
    Hugs, Neet xx 9

  16. Glad you are enjoying WOYWW - it does become rather addictive, doesn't it?? I also spend far too many hours going round - you know the ones - hours which "should" be spent dusting, cleaning, tidying.... oh well, the mess will still be there tomorrow.
    Have a great week - trust you get more fabulous work done..
    Margaret #66

  17. WOYWW is truly addictive, isn't it? There are so many lovely people out there, always ready with tea and sympathy, good ideas and just good friendship. I have never done any journalling but it sounds interesting. Thank you for your visit today and for your encouragement. Have a good week. xx Maggie #10

  18. Fabulous work and I am glad you are enjoying WOYWW :-)

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE x #94

  19. woyww is such a lot of fun, great people involved. I've been lucky enough to meet a few woywwers in real life, including Julia, total nut case but such a load of fun. Love how your journal turned out, nether would have thought it was a bisquik package. And yeah, there's a time to put down the paints and back away from the table! I don't have any kids, but the ones having a go at the archery were loving it. One of the little girls, aged about 7, was acing everything in site, but she told me they had a couple of classes at her school so she'd done it before. The stamps are just for me to use, they're the ones from Lili of the Valley that were on my desk last week, they come unmounted like that, some people put a reusable spray adhesive on the back so they can use them with an acrylic block, but I prefer the foam, even if it's a brainless task!

    Brenda 3

  20. Your work is really fabulous. I love the colors. Thanks for stopping by. happy crafting.

  21. Welcome to WOYWW, You are so right, some of the nicest people in the entire world can be found on this group. I have been MIA for a while, so this is my first visit to you. Love the colours you are playing with. Never heard of Joanne Loftus, but my favourite rugby team plays on Loftus Versveld, So she has to be very good if she shares the name.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #33

  22. Hi! Its great to see your new creations. I'm really interested in the cereal boxes. I think I need to check that out. I haven't tried the new stuff out, I'm still just using the basics and have no idea what Twinkle H2Os are. If they take time, I am probably too impatient, haha! I have a hard time waiting for any medium to dry before starting a new layer. And I am with you on the "tiny little fix"...I have a box full! Although I do use the crystals and bling leftover from making our pow wow regalia!

    I love the lady with the big glasses on the wall!!! Too cute. Have a great week, Rasz #111

  23. Glad to see you are staying with us! I love H2Os - especially on thin book paper. I love your box journal - a great idea! Chris 96

  24. Kim--I just use my twinks like watercolors, and have never spritzed them, or waited for them, or mixed them to any consistency. Just have fun with them, they're such a great way to add a little shine--and you know you love the shine!!! :)

    (The little books on my desk this week? Key word=LITTLE. Good way to practice binding. And the flashcard cover book was bound with dental floss.
    Just saying. It's way less stressful to practice with something that doesn't cost a lot.)

    Thank you for visiting me this WOYWW, I appreciate your comment!

    delighted to be #26 this week, instead of my usual 200--something!

  25. Wow! Sounds like you have been on a big learning cover with your book, but keep with it, that is how we all learn! It is looking great and lots of purple. Love purple!

  26. Hi Kimberly! Thank you so much for sharing your art, all of which is spectacular! It is a world apart from my usual style, but I do love oogling other artist's work, usually with my mouth hanging open, as I've just been doing here! Thank you so much for coming to visit me at the Playhouse and Happy WOYWW! I tried to join as a follower, but Blogger wouldn't open the link. I'll come back and try again another day, or come here via Google and see if it works that way. Darnell #24

  27. Awesome to find another journaler!! I will definitely check out the links you mentioned. I am finishing a small journal that is a gratitude journal from a month in my life! It will be done soon!
    Have a fabulous day!!

  28. Me again! I've tried to comment where I've seen your coffee table!! but it goes to Google+ and it won't let me, unless I join, anyway!!! Thanks for popping by, you'll have great fun re-inventing your sons room into a craft room! I started off with my younger daughter's room as it was smaller and now have been my older daughters bigger room! but I still spread everywhere!!

  29. Hello! This is my 1st visit to you so I'm pleased to see you are enjoying WOYWW. It'll soon become part of the weekly routine. I know I feel lost if I don't take part!! Take care Zo xx 65

  30. lovely journals! Happy woyww! Lindsay #112

  31. Wow - you have been very busy. I love your use of colors. The purple looks so happy. April #107

  32. Hello and welcome! Love your journal cover. She looks so cool sitting on the wall! I guess H2o's were changed when the original company sold out a few years ago. I love my little pots of them. I use a ninja water brush..squeeze some water in the H2o pot dab my brush off onto a paper towel, too much color squeeze some more water in stir up with brush and away I go. Thanks for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #22

  33. Lovely work you are doing.
    Thank you for visiting
    Karen #63