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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

WOYWW # 216


Hello all, to another week of WOYWW over at Julia's place @ How was everyone's week?? I'm very late in posting, though technically it's still only Tuesday. I was so hoping to stay up there in the top 5 this week. Well there is always next week.

So this week I have been organizing, and I use that term loosely, all my junk. Being that my son Jake, who is #3 in the pecking order has flown the cookoo's nest, SNIFF…SNIFF.. No seriously, SNIFF..SNIFF.. I'm not digging all my kiddos moving out AT ALL. 10 yrs ago I would have probably packed their bags. Now I want them to be 10 yrs younger. Wait that would make me 10 yrs younger too… FIrst one to craft a time machine WINS!!!!
In light of the newest event of my latest baby bird growing a pair and flying the nest,(I meant wings, growing a pair of wings) we did some room re-arranging and I am working on making myself a space of my own. Hubby is going to design me some wall units to help me out. I have to share this space with Bridget, her dance floor which was too heavy to move upstairs, so we will share this room with each other. I'm totally ok with that.

My Side, It's a Start, all the rest 
of my crap is still in the living room

Bridget's Dance Floor

I have been putting all my ephemera into sleeves into a binder. I didn't realize how much I have. I need to find a way to put some of it to use. 
I need 20 more binders,
What you don't see is the extra
large bin full of emphemera at my feet

More piles of stuff

I also got some new supplies, I got new Microns, because I have had a few explode like an ink pen. Anyone else ever had that happen?? I keep them stored flat, and the ones that exploded I had just bought about 6-8wks ago. I had 3 that exploded. I emailed the company with ZERO response. I almost didn't buy their product for that reason, but I love the pens. I got some Souffle`s too, I also bought some UTEE at the suggestion of Trish over at "easily amused, hard to offend" to try and shine up my beads. Thank You Trish for enlightening me. This stuff is good for way more than beads. (P.S. My new heat gun I ordered to heat my UTEE should be here any day) You will also see a small jar of Dorton's Wax for my journal pages to keep them from sticking. I also have a friend perched there in the background just for Elizabeth. No I will not be sporting a horse every week, I came across him looking for something and thought of Elizabeth over at alteredbooklovers. I also bought a little somethin' somethin' for one lucky person of all those who comment on this weeks post.
New Supplies,& Something just for Elisabeth
Here are 2 of them

I want to thank everyone who left me such warm, and wonderful comments last week.  I look forward to seeing what's happening on desks around the world. I need to get crack-a-lackin' and start my tour. HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!


  1. I think it's a must for artists to have a studio, so I'm glad you got one, even if you're sharing it. I've been using Sakura micron pens for several years, and have never had them explode. I have also used the Copic and Sharpie pen versions without any problems, even when I travel with them. Did you have them where sunlight hit them directly or were they exposed to extreme heat? I don't know if that would affect them, so I'm just wondering if that could be the case. Blessings!

  2. Good luck in your new space!! i have seen several comments from you today about your desk number changing - it's because several people link at once, so the best thing to do, is after you link, refresh Julia's post and you get your right number - then unless a desk gets deleted, there you stay. Hope that helps.
    Have a great week. Helen, 7

  3. wow you have a Bridget too? For a long time I was the only Bridget now I am finally meeting more lol.
    She even has a dance floor yayay I love dancing, moving into your house
    Bridget #24

  4. Thanks for the visit already. My hubby made the cubby-holes for me that fit the plastic containers I had. This way they are like drawers. They used to be stacked on top of each other and I always needed the one at the bottom! As for your number change, always hit refresh after linking cos we are all adding our names at the same time, so sometimes others get in ahead of you while you are happened to me last night too. It is something I learned to do automatically as the numbers can jump quite a lot. Have you looked on Pinterest for storage ideas, I have seen some fabulous places. Mine has just grown with me as I have accumulated more and more stuff!

  5. Lucky you, Kimberly - enjoy your space! My nineteen year old went off on holiday to Cyprus at 4.30 am and I'm already missing her like mad and worrying about her! What will I do when she flies the nest properly? UTEE is just fabulous fun, isn't it? I don't know what Microns are - they sound like SCI FI aliens!!! WOYWW is great for introducing you to new things and techniques - I just love that about it and all the great people it introduces you to too - of course! Happy WOYWW. Julie Ann x #17

  6. Hi Kimberly,
    I always use Pigma Micron pens and have never had one explode on me! Whatever do you do with it? :^) Now I think I will wear an apron just in case.
    I have only one son and I will keep him at home as long as he wants to and beyond! Here in the Philippines there is no stigma attached to older boys who stay home with parents even after they graduate from college. But I am happy for you that you have a new studio. I happily play in my craft room and I don't care if it is a mess (as it inevitably is!) Have fun in there! Tried to answer your comment to me but you are a no reply blogger. I will see if I can contact you through google+, patsy

  7. Thanks for stopping by my site and for your nice comments. Love your craft work, pictures of your family, and I think we love the same God. We are made in His image - that's why we are all creative too! Some people don't think that they are, but maybe they have never tried or been given the right encouragement. A number of our friends are home schoolers. I wish you well, and trust that the new arty/crafty space works well for you.

    John-W #36

  8. It's great that you got your own (shared) room, shame your son had to move out for you to get it but great all the same. I've never had a micron explode and it gets really hot here, plus I store them laying down. Very strange. You sure have a lot of stuff there, the room will be filled in no time.
    I can't reply to you, so thanks for the heads up on fixing a wedgie with the charcoal fingers. Still laughing over that one.
    Have a great week.
    Von #52

  9. wow, you have been busy!! I so hear you - a few years ago, I could have packed our two's bags, but as the time for flying the nest gets closer, i'm dreading it!! it was bad enough sam being away for a week in slovakia!
    happy WOYWW and keep busy...
    no. 60

  10. Your crafting space is looking good so far, wow, what a lot of ephemera you have. We found it hard when the cub left the cave but it does get easier eventually.

    Waving hi from the bears, who think a horse a week is a fine idea actually.


  11. What a super space under the window with all your shelves at arms reach. You are clearly going to be able to create lots of lovely work at that desk. Looking forward to seeing some of it soon.
    Chris #86

  12. Well you and Bridget sharing the space seems right to me - two very high arts combining! Bummer about the pens..worse that you didn't get any response, it doesn't do them any harm to just say they're sorry. As for stuff...yep. We all need to use more up. Let me know when the time machine is ready, I wanna come too.

  13. Hi Kimberly
    I am still trying to get my head around your pens exploding how strange is that. The company should be ashamed of themselves for not replying to you, I would make contact again but do some background work and try to find out who the manager or MD is and go to the top with your complaint.
    I feel your pain with the kids leaving home, my daughter is due to go to uni in September and already I am dreading it.
    Glad you are getting some crafting space sorted out
    Sending a hug for WOYWW and I hope you have a great week
    Ria #44

  14. "I didn't realise how much I had", if I had a $ for every time I've heard that I could go and buy me some more craft supplies!! Love the new room, what kind of dance does your daughter do? Shame about the pens, pity the company haven't responded either. Another stage in life for you and your son, we're non of us getting any younger, that's for sure, I think there'd be quite a queue for that time machine!

    Brenda 28

  15. What a great space that will be when all is done! Great fun to be had in there. Exploding pens??!! Goodness - not at all nice.
    Have a lovely week in your new space. Enjoy.
    Margaret #32

  16. Ooooh !! What a cute, dinky little horse. Your new room will be FAB - hope he doesn't want to move back home ??!!!!

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE in Greece xx #13

  17. Sure you will get used to the peace real soon and your own space (almost). I need some of that wax too it on my wish list for pages and small canvas. Funny I see so many sad their son's have moved out, but not so many over daughters - mine moved out a few weeks ago, not a moment too soon, hopefully relations will soon improve.

    Lynda #1

  18. Hi Kim, how awesome to get a new should check out Michaels, they have some awesome deals on storage and it could really be a help - on the floor level alongside your new wall units. I love Sakura pens....Also I am beavering away on your bunting's been a crazy week, so should be with you soon, alongside something else ;) Happy WOYWW Cx #60

  19. Looks like lots going on.
    I homeschooled my family too!
    Thanks for visiting and the welcome to your place.

  20. Wonderful new space! Always a good time to go through and re-organize as you put things away......just remember where you put them...LOL
    Krisha #22

  21. Those beads are so much fun to make, Kimberly--started cleaning my art room, pretty much just so I could find my UTEE, but no luck. So I made some using just regular clear. It works, but the UTEE is better. Anyway, you inspired me to make one of my next Unruly Paper Arts articles about those beads!

    Happy WOYWW!

    #63 this week

  22. Enjoy making the room your own! I love that I made a room in January. I was in the basement which was good but the temperature,and lack of organization drove me nuts. Now I took over the spare bedroom, and made it my "Pretty Pink Paris room". Hubby is happy that I can contain all my Paris stuff in one room (he said it was migrating all over the house.." I love my UTEE, and Micron Pens (no mishaps yet for me!) Winnie#82

  23. looks like you are of to a good start with organising your half of the room. storage is always an issue with crafters but there are lots of ideas out there

  24. Kim how exciting are the possibilities of a new space for you, I can't wait to see it all decked out and I would also love to hear how your sorting of your ephemera goes. That is one area of stash I desperately need a solution for. I didn't get a chance till now to come back to answer your question left on my blog from last week re the UTEE but I am please that Trisha has done so. I don't own a melt pot and it really isn't necessary for everthing you do with UTEE but if you know anyone throwing out an old electric fry pan this with a non stick heat mat will work wonders also if you are wanting to mix and melt colors together etc. As for your question re where I find all my swaps etc, I am a member of a number of swap groups with the main one being AFA - ATC's for All. You should check this out. Have a great week and Happy WOYWW! Danie #72.

  25. It's going to be a lovely studio! No problems so far with my micron pens. Careful with the soufflé pens...don't lose the little wax rip protector that's in the cap. (Tip protector...can't correct) Thanks for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #49

  26. Thanks for visiting me! You have been really busy, so it seems. Moving all your craft supplies must be a lot of work! Uniflame - 82

  27. That's not good news about your pens exploding
    The company should replace them as a gesture of good will I would have thought
    Jackie 72

  28. Aaah, new space to fill and organise, it doesn't get much better than that. Shame it is at the cost of son#3 flying the nest... exploding pens... hmmm, that's a new one on me! :( They aren't cheap either... I would have the bit between my teeth and keep emailing them demanding a response... the least they could do is replace them! Annette #17

  29. Hi Kimberly,

    I've been trying to get to your blog even before I saw the comment you left on WOYWW. Thank you for thinking of me when you found the darling little rocker. It's simply the perfect size for your new desk, too. I've never seen one with spots before. So ingenious.

    Take your time putting your craft space together. I know from experience. I had a flood in my basement TWICE. Both times I had to pack up everything in the room and send it to storage. The first time I got things returned, I had help from the movers to set things up. The second time, the insurance company wouldn't give me help getting things back in place. Not only was I left to my own devices, they didn't even set up the shelving, which they packed in various boxes. It took forever to get things back in order and I was so frustrated, I just stuck stuff where I thought it should go, or where it would fit. Although I have set up zones for the more common projects, like poly clay, UTEE, beeswax, soldering, etc., the ephemera and little do-dads are everywhere that makes no organization sense. Be sure to label everything, and keep a record, no matter how minimal, of where you placed things. A diagram helped me, especially with my zones.

    I have a couple of Micron pens. They are 0.5. I have not had that happen to me, but I've had it happen with Rollerball brand. Mine didn't explode, per se, but they leaked all over the cap. I had one red and one blue do it. I would stay on the company at least until they acknowledge your e-mail. You might let them know you're a power blogger and that kind of bad publicity is not good for their company. Hope that gets them moving a bit.

    Thanks so much for your visit. I appreciate it. My computer has been off because we had a severe storm roll through that did a lot of wind and hail damage.

  30. Hi Kimberley- last year my youngest moved out, so I too lost a son & gained a new craft room! fair trade, I thought, lol. The Raven stamp- if you have a look at my woyww post for last week, there is a link at the bottom of it to both versions of the stamp. I'm with the others- keep pestering them, especially as you have bought more of their brand- the least they can do is provide some good customer service. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #70 xx

  31. aw I spied the little rocking horse! and fancy having exploding pens! wow good splash back colour on your walls! Sorry I'm sooo late, but I kept getting Google+ and it won't let me comment, so it's back to Julia's to find a link and then the linky over there won't show! (It does now) and to answer your comment, no Kim, the bug-eyed fish comes as a digi from Squigglefly, only I think I've stretched him a bit on that little card, he'll look better on next Sunday's card! The bubbles I did on the computer, coloured them with a slightly darker colour then added a white dot for 'shine'. (all on the computer) I was going to put some gloss on them, and his eyes but didn't. So, no, they didn't take any time at all! (Big cheat really!)
    ((Lyn)) #36 Happy WOYWW!

  32. My Microns have not exploded - I wonder if it is your heat? Mind you they shouldn't and the company should at least reply to you. I wrote about some biscuits being burnt (Cookies) and they sent me enough vouchers to replace 5 times over Prompt too.
    I will tell you, it never gets easier when offspring leave home (especially boys) you never stop worrying about them. Sorry. Mine has been left 27 years and I still worry, especially if I know he is travelling a long way in his car. But then I am plain silly.
    Love your new room, what a nice DH you have - enjoy creating and everything, it helps you stop thinking.
    Hugs, Neet xx 45

  33. Sorry to hear you're suffering the Empty Nest Syndrome, Kim - but nothing like a bit of crafting to make you feel better! Remember, they may fly the nest and make their own nest, but they won't forget where you are, and are sure to return to visit! (Just so long as they don't bring their dirty laundry with them...)

    I can identify with the sorting and rearranging - won't be long before my stuff finds its way into my new ARTHaven and I get organising myself! Thanks for your lovely comment and I'm glad you enjoyed the progress of my room and "Sir Harry" - love that, lol!! He's a big lad, isn't he.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #112

  34. Exploding pens! No!! I hope you hear back from the manufacturer, being ignored is not good customer relations.

    Love your new craft space. Good luck with the organising. I never seem to get started let alone finish!

  35. Fantastic space to share it with your little one we all try to make do with what we can I'm so late on visiting everyone I'm actually sneaking on right now to start lol. I should be cleaning or moving something but we all need a break from it. I hate it when my markers explode and of course I always use them and never realize it till there is ink on my hands have fun getting your room sorted I'll be doing the same hugs Nikki #31

  36. I have been put right off those pens. Are they registered with the government as explosive devices? I reckon they should be. Try suggesting to the company that you are reporting them for manufacturing illegal bombs. I bet that gets a response. If it doesn't', just keep on at them,especially to the MD. . Have a very good week with your crafting. Thank you too, for your visit and kind comments. xx Maggie #38

  37. what a great space.great to share because company is great,even in an empty nest....none of my micron have ever exploded...did you leave them in a hot car? for the Ephemera..use it on L.O. and maybe a daily Journal is an can past it in as you collect it.....have fun ,hugs from Zeffy#14 in Greece

  38. I think its great to share a space with another creative type even if its a very different type of creative. I hope she inspires you! Have a great week! #2

  39. Bummer about the 'sploding pens. Hope the company does the right thing and gets back to you.

    There's nothing like organizing to inspire us to create with all our goodies. :-)

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #110