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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WOYWW #217


My my how the time flies. It's time for another week of playing peeping Tom over at Julia's place. This is my favorite part of the week. I have been looking forward to WOYWW for days now.  I have had a rather difficult week both physically and emotionally. For the most part I can usually keep my demons at bay, but sometimes they are just stronger than I am. I can't really do much about my physical condition, it is what it is, but quieting the demons is a sometimes a big challenge for me. So this week I finished my Bisquick box journal, and I made some affirmation tiles in hopes of making a vision board. I'm not totally sold on the vision board, but the tiles will make nice magnets.
The 1st page in my Bisquick Box Journal

My 1st ever binding

I cut the door so it opens

Can I just say that using the UTEE on the tiles was the biggest pain in my rear. I need a melting pot. The heat gun would blow the powder EVERYWHERE!!! In the end the tiles turned out kinda cute.

I'd also like to report that Sakura got back to me about my exploded pens. I need to mail them the bad pens, and they will replace them, even the one I threw out. They also said that for compensation for paying to ship the pens they would send me some extra pens. So I am happy about that. I will keep you updated.

Also this week we took our granddaughter to the movies to see Monsters U. She is such a peanut, the theater chair kept folding her up inside. I had to put my purse, or as my hubby calls it my suitcase on her chair to help keep it down. The movie was really cute. That's my hubby next to Kaya. I can't tell if she looks happy or annoyed.

Kaya Rose

Also last week I mentioned I had something special planned for one of you who left a comment on my post. I wanted to do something special for one of you because you all have been wonderful. So I did an old fashion drawing and have a great little package for the lucky name. Just email me your details and I will get to you. I wish I could send something to everyone, but alas I can not. I really hope this is not breaking any WOYWW rules. I'm not trying to get in trouble. So I am posting the pics of the stuff, and the drawing. Thanks Bridget for drawing the name.
A Brand new SMASH book.

A bunch of GOODIES!!!

An old fashioned drawing. All the names of those who left a comment.

Bridget drawing the lucky name

Congrats Shaz!!! (

I hope you all have enjoyed your visit. I'll be traveling the world to stop by your desks for a visit. If you aren't familiar with WOYWW, pop over to Julia's and check it out. 



  1. Wow, Shaz is really, really lucky. And Kayla looks happy to me. But I see happiness in most things.

    Your journal is fantastic. I love it. And the binding is incredible.

    I own TWO UTEE pots and never use them. If you own one of those heat things (can't remember the name) that keeps your coffee/tea warm, all you need is a tuna, cat food, some sort of short can that will sit on the heating plate, and you have your own instant UTEE pot. Much cheaper, too.

  2. OH now that's a great tip above I don't own an Utee anything one day I'll try it :) Congrats to Shaz hugs Nikki I'm posted Here

  3. Love your journal book and the binding. The story of your granddaughter and the theater chair made me laugh. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I am sorry to hear you have been having a lousy week with your demons. I think we all have them at times and its sometimes hard to keep them at bay depending on what else is going on in your day or week. It sounds like your crafting helped a little and my what lovely projects, your binding looks fabulous and I love the little magnets. Your granddaughter looks like a real cutie. As for the UTEE it can be messy, another tip to try is if possible and if your project isn't on anything overly thick etc, to lift your project up and start heating it from underneath or the back. The heat will penetrate through to begin the heating process and once you see that the UTEE has started to melt then heat from the front. Anyway I look forward to seeing what you have been creating next week and hope you have a good one! Happy WOYWW! Danie

  5. G'day Kim
    thanks for the visit and comment for WOYWW on my blog :). Your demons will pass and yep we all get them. Be kind to yourself :). Love the affirmation tiles esp the WOYWW one LOL. Your grand daughter is a cutie. Kim use lots of versamrk or embossing ink on the item you wish to applu UTEE make it look "wet" and then sprinkle on UTEE, tip off excess and then heat and as soon as it looks wet again tip on more while the first lot is till molten and continue till you have the right effect you are after. You can mealt it on silicone sheets or in silicone cup cake moulds on the stove too...just have to be careful you don't burn it or you. Another way is to put it on your item sitting on a non stick baking parchment, put more of the baking sheet on top and iron it (hot setting no steam) to melt it onto the card...let it cool and peel it off the baking sheets :)Hope you have a beautiful week to come
    Annette In Oz

  6. Kaya looks absolutely gorgeous. So sweet. Sorry to hear the UTEE flew everywhere. I don't have a melting pot, but only use it around the edge of things and stick it to the border with Versamark. I dab the versamark on the edges, sprinkle on the UTEE and it sticks, but they may not work for what you were doing. I've just noticed a really detailed comment from Annette above! Sorry I'm repeating this! I'll stop. Sorry to hear about your demons. Hope they leave you be this week. I love dropping by your blog on Wednesdays. No link this week so far, but mine is Have demon-free WOYWW Julie Ann xx

  7. What a beautiful granddaughter you have and what a generous giveaway. Sorry to hear you've had a tough week - it certainly happens to us all from time to time I think - I hope it soon passes.
    I have a melt pot but its very much under-used - must get it out!
    Your box journal is beautiful btw.

  8. OOh Kimbereley there's no rules about generosity ever! And Shaz is a great winner, she'll love the goodies. I don't have a melt pot but I make a bit of mess with the old UTEE, but if not a lot of it is sticking before you heat, start heating from underneath or use a foil dish to melt it in. All that said, you did a great job. I love the journal and the binding, you have got a lot done this week and I certainly hope that it was a therapy..keep those demons at bay, you deserve better.

  9. Oh my! that is one lovely journal you have. The binding and all. And the open door looks great!
    Shaz is going to LOVE her new goodies. :)
    You've been busy this week. My favorite project is the affirmation tiles. You did a great job on those!

    I'm a new follower by the way. ♥

    Hugs from Egypt. xx

    Roudi #61

  10. Hi Kimberley, your first ever binding is a triumph, really beautiful and so it the rest of the journal. UTEE does that for me too ... I've tried heating from below, fine for the first layer or two, but then it gets tricky. A melt pot is probably the ideal but I don't have one and haven't, so far, convinced myself that I need one. Congratulations to Shaz for winning your very generous candy.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving your lovely comment earlier. I do have a few relatives still living in the States but none related to the two boys who died in W. Virginia. Their parents had already returned to Scotland bringing the boys with them, however they decided to return to live in America and, as they came from a coal mining background, fatally for them that's what they continued to do. I feel sad every time I see their photos. What it must have been like for their parents losing them, goodness only knows.

    Oh, and the black thing, my spritzer ... I won't be doing a YouTube tutorial, haven't got the equipment and wouldn't know where to start but here's a link that is one of the best I've seen:

    Hope you enjoy it and have a good WOYWW.
    Elizabeth x #16

  11. Love your box journal.
    Sakura always makes good on their products!
    thanks for visiting and the snoop around.
    Hope you feel better soon- I'll hold that in the Light!
    robyn 94

  12. Hi Kim, hope you feel better soon - my card will be on your doormat soon, along with something else ;) Generosity can never break the rules. Happy WOYWW. Cx #121

  13. Hi Kim, sending you good thoughts for a super good week. Hang in there. Your journal is wonderful, and your binding, something I've not tried and from what I can see, you did a great job. As for Utee...I'm with you, I think my entire craft room has been blessed with the bits that have blown off. However, I do like the finished look, so chasing the bits I shall go! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Isn't this blogging thing fun? So much to see! The card you spoke of was a gift from my son. Whenever he sends me a card I say, "Did you make this?" Knowing full well he did not. So, a note on this card was..."Mom, look what I've made!" Sure he did! Then he added, I got this because I thought you might want to try this one....I keep it on my desk, not only because he sent it, but one day, I just might give it a go! Off I go to look at the other WOYWW folk. Have a great week!

  14. Oh my, WOW! What a huge surprise!Kim, thats awesome, really.I've been saying for months I have to have a go at an art journal- now I shall have no excuse not to get started. Smiled at the UTEE disaster, loads of Versamark/ clear embossing ink is the answer. Make sure your pad is REALLY wet- good idea to re-ink beforehand too. Love how the tiles came out though, gorgeous. I shall e-mail you my addy straight after this post.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xx #22

  15. Fun peeks into your world! Love those tiles and sending wishes for a good week.

  16. Hi Kim, love what you have been making, the tiles look fabulous! I think with embossing powder it really needs to have something to grip onto... so I make sure the item is well 'inked', sprinkle the powder and shake off the excess! If it needs two coats, so be it, but atleast you don't have powder flying around all over your desk. Annette #1 for the first time in 4 years!

  17. Oh I forgot to add, I like the layer idea best because you can add flecks of other colours and they all melt into togehter and look wonderful like real gem stones or marble... ;)

  18. Congrats on the dancing daughter, you must post some pictures. We are not going abroad this summer just up north again - we really enjoyed up there earlier in the year. Now to your post.
    Love the door picture and I like making opening doors on things, adds so much interest. Great looking binding too Now for the utee.
    Did you stamp the tiles on some Versamark to begin with? Make sure they are well coated. Then dip the coated side in some utee and shake off excess and heat. If you have a hairdryer shaped heatgun that is best. If not hold it well above the tile and as it starts to melt gently lower it. Immediately it is melted put some more utee on and heat again - do this three times and you should get a good finish. I usually have a tiny spoon to put some on (second and third time) and it will level itself out. Try it.
    Hugs, Neet xx 19

  19. Awesome box journal!! And thank you for the tip, to go to Joanne's to get distress ink. You are too sweet!!

  20. Hello there! Thanks for your fab comments on my blog..I did have an absolute blast on holiday and meeting fact, we didn't want to come home, we had such a good time! Heyho, back to the grindstone.
    I think you must be a strong women to stare your demons in the face and come out the other side.....strength takes many different paths....remember to take care of yourself too.
    I am ashamed to say that I know absolutely nothing about North while you found my history interesting, I would find yours equally so! Don't worry about fabric....send me some facts about where you live...I would love that!!!
    I have a little something for you, so if you would email me your postal address, I will get it off to you ASAP :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx
    My email link is on the right side of my blog!

  21. You were a very prolific artist last week, but glad you were able to balance it with family time too. The affirmation tiles and the box look really good, but I'm especially impressed by your book binding. May you have a pain free week - Blessings!

  22. Another one who totally understands those demons, art keeps them away (mostly) for me too. What a wonderful thing you did with your giveaway and i do look forward to seeing Shaz and her new journal in the future.
    Thank you so much for the lovely message you left for me, much appreciated. I am a new follower of you too. I am totally clueless about melting pots and the like.

    Lynda #59

  23. Sorry to hear you had a rough week, Kim! Kaya is adorable, as are the tiles! Good news from Sakura and congrats to Shaz!! Happy Belated WOYWW! Enjoy the rest of your week; I hope you feel better!! Darnell #118

  24. What a smashing visit, thank you so much for having me!
    Loved those tiles, think they are a try4me as we all needed to be reminded to laugh, we are loved etc.

    Bishosmate #96 still trekking.........

  25. What a beautiful set of goodies! I love the book, I bet it took ages! Thanks for visiting me. #30