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Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Latest Supply Haul


The mail brought something other than bills on Saturday. I got some goodies from, and
Being I can't afford to buy my Neo Color ll crayons and Derwent Watercolor pencils by the set, I have been buying them in singles in the colors I want. I also got 2 Strathmore Visual Journals, 1-9x12 140lb Watercolor journal, and 1-5.5"x8" Mixed Media journal, 2 tubes of Liquitex acrylics in Grey and Pink, some Sharpie Paint Pens, some Sharpie China Markers and a tub of Golden Gel Matte.
From I got some Crafter's Workshop stencils, cuz you can NEVER have enough stencils, I got a Clear Resist Ink Pad, a cute pkg of stickers, and lastly I got some Dylusions Stamps. They were on sale at 50% off, yup that's right, 50% off which made them $10.99 each. I was excited about this sale. I haven't had any of these stamps in my collection because they are so expensive. I couldn't justify $20 for a set no matter how cool they are. This is the second time has had this sale, so now I have about half of all the sets. I signed up for their newsletter which always comes with a 40% off any one item that can be used online or in store, or a free shipping on orders over $50.
Now my budget is spent for the next 3 months. Without further ado my haul. BTW… I CAN NOT figure out for the life of me how in the world to add several photos and get them to space evenly. They always end up all wonky and chaotically spread out. I have tried over and over to get them all nice and neat, and it just isn't to be. SORRY..

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  1. wow, quite the haul! sounds like a lot of arty fun is about to be had...I am trying not to buy new stuff right now, cause I just have too much!'s pretty hard when you see a great sale. =)
    btw, I load photos onto my blog one at a time, and always have them centered. it's slower, but comes out looking pretty good. (I am technology challenged too!)

    1. I just started getting into Art Journaling, Mixed Media and the like about a year ago, so I am slowly building up some supplies. They are sooo expensive, I have to wait for good sales, or just buy a few things at a time. Thanks for stopping by. (((HUGS)))