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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another Great Day

    Well today was another great day  for Gidget. She had a Feis right here in Charlotte. It was hosted by Walsh Kelly, another Irish Dance school in Charlotte,NC. Now she has been working really really hard the past few months to get her 1st place to qualify for Oireachtas, (pronounced Ore-rock-tus). She has accomplished that goal and then some. Last week in Ohio she ended up with two 1st places, one in her Hornpipe and one in her Traditional Set; Blackbird. Today she danced amazing and got 3 1st places. Again in both her Hornpipe and Trad Set, and in her Treble Jig. That is a huge accomplishment. It has moved her up in levels to get her one step closer to becoming a Champion dancer. Now she still a ways off from that, but she is definitely a bit closer now than she was. I haven't seen her look so happy as I saw her today. Her dad and I are so very proud of her. She also got a 2nd, 3rd and 4th place as well today. So today was a great day. I hope that she can continue to do well and achieve her goals. For now though we will relish this moment with her. We are so proud of her!!!!!


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