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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Homeschooling in Ten Easy Questions

One of my favorite blogs, for many reasons is; Jimmie'sCollage. I was reading a post on her blog where she answered several questions about homeschooling. She invited her readers to copy the questions and answer them so that's what I did. This is the link,
I invite you to do the same. Here are the questions and my answers.

1.One homeschooling book you have enjoyed?
  -Cathy Duffy's top 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

2. One source you wouldn't be without?
  -My notebook and favorite pen. I keep it right at my computer desk to write down websites, blogs, PDF downloads(so I know what I have), ideas, usernames & passwords, email inquiries, etc.  I have found that homeschooling = lots of need to know stuff. My notebook helps me keep it all straight and at my finger tips.

3.One resource you wish you didn't buy?
  - Real Science4kids. Too expensive for what you get. Not "FAT" enough.

4. One resource you enjoyed last year?
 - Notebooking/Lapbooking

5. One resource you'll be using next year?
  -Notebooking/Lapbooking; I LOVE LOVE LOVE these methods. So does my dd. She'll use them until she goes to college. I think everyone should use these methods. It should be LAW!!! ...just saying...

6. One resource you'd like to buy?
  -A cricuit. We could make amazing Notebooks and Lapbooks. (it would be useful for all my crafting too)

7. One resource you wish existed?
  -Curriculum scholarships for homeschool families. Most of us are single income families, and curriculum can get very expensive.

8. One homeschool catalog you enjoy reading?
 - I like Rainbow Resources. It is loaded with a variety of curriculums.(their website is pretty awesome too)

9. Most frustrating homeschool subject?
  -MATH!!!! Not my best subject, and my dd is not a huge fan either.

10. Greatest homeschool challenge right now?
  - SPACE; I have no space, we have no storage space either. I wish I had a whole room I could dedicate to homeschooling. My dd can't even use her room because all her extra space is occupied by her 8'x8' dance floor. ( A must for Irish dancers).

So there are my answers. Please leave a few of yours in the comment area, and then copy the questions and post on your blog. Thanks for stopping by. 

God Bless,

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