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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Being the wiser....


Wow as usual I find the time is flying by. My mom told me after 25 time becomes a blurr. Mom's are wise. How is it growing up we thought we were the wiser, HA!! I wasn't so smart back then, but shhhh, don't tell my younger self that, she might just start an argument about how smart she really is. I sure wish I had my smarter younger self who knew it all to help the older wiser me who is realizing how much I really don't know at this moment.
For instance, I started this blog 4 months or so ago, or at least got more serious about it, I set out to share my life, and that of my family life. To share my love of homeschooling, crafting, and whatever the hot topic of the moment is. I set out in hopes to write and to inspire others or even inspire just one person if that happens to be the case. My wise mom also said not everyone may care for what you have to say, but if you reach one person you're blessed. Now my younger self could have whipped up one fun topic after another. I thought that girl would be around forever. Parts of her are still burning inside.
I have been trying so hard for the last few months to make a blog button for my blog, I so want to grow mt blog, to be a part of this beautiful community of moms reaching out to other moms, to inspire them, to share wonderful homeschool worksheets, and curriculum tips, great recipes, and so on. I am struggling trying to figure how to have a user friendly blog. I want to be that wise mom, I want to be the wise mom amongst other wise women, sharing useful information, making a difference in the lives of others.
Since I started blogging I have come to admire many wonderful, funny, bright, smart, intelligent women. The older wiser me wants to be that woman, the one admired for her useful tips, her great curriculum tips, her free printables. I'm getting too far ahead, I still need to figure out a blog button. I even found easy step by step instructions on, which might I add, is a wonderfully informative blog, with a homeschooling mom whose homeschool has an amazing mission in which they live by, I was very impressed. Anyway, even with these instructions I still find myself techno challenged.
Where is the cocky know it all younger me when I need her???? I think she is still at a Stevie Ray Vaughn music Festival. Oh well, hopefully I'll get this whole blogging thing down eventually. The older wiser me can only hope, because without hope what is the point?

God Bless,

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