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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Is This part of God's Plan for me?

 Well it has been longer than I wanted since my last post. I had planned doing a 30 day challenge for the month of July, but life happens and I wasn't able to start my 30 day challenge. My hopes in doing a 30 day challenge are so I can build my skills, thus developing, growing and expanding my blog. I think one of my biggest challenges is figuring out the whole beautiful blogging experience is figuring out the dreaded "HTML". 
    Now I'm not sure if in all my researching on how to build a better blog I have scared myself on trying to figure out html. I do know I have spent the last few month beating my head against the edge of my desk, scared my family out of the room, and made the dogs want to run and hide, all over my new nemesis, "HTML". Really. it's that bad. Maybe this isn't one of my paths God has chosen for me. Maybe I'm not intended to entertain, educate, inform , or just simply work through my emotions about being a homeschooling mama to 5 kids and Grandma,a.k.a. Mimi. (In honor of one of my Aunts) to my granddaughter Kaya Rose,2 1/2. 
     Even though I have limited computer skills, I consider myself a fairly intelligent person. So why can't I read and follow simply laid out instructions, instructions given by another homeschooling mom. I really do enjoy this, and I have loads of ideas, I even want to start a second blog in relation to my third passion after kids,and Hubby, God.So not only do I want to grow this blog for our homeschooling community, I also have a passion for crafting, and that is another part of my life I want to open up to and share with the world.
  I'm starting to gather supplies, and begin picture tutorials for the projects I am working on at the moment. A little of which I'll tell you about. I love working with paper, I even like making paper. Right now I am working on making my first Art Junk Journal. I'm also making a really cool junk journal for a girl from Gidget's dance class that is going off to college. I started that one out of cereal boxes. It's almost done and I'll share with you all.. Hopefully if keeps moving in the direction I want it to, it will be awesome.
   As for the Art Journaling, I can't draw, but love doodling, and wow how different adult doodling is compared to my high school doodles. I'm no wheres near what I am seeing by these gifted artists on other blogs, but I have been honing my old skills and adding new ones. My goal is to do whimsy with doodles. I love that look. I'd like to start a small business with it in the future. 
 None of it will ever go places or will people get to know who I am. People need to know me if I ever want to accomplish any of these goals.
    Reading that last paragraph back sounds so arrogant in a way. It is true other bloggers will need to know me in the blogging circles I frequent, I guess I'm just afraid that I will never reach that goal. It makes me feel like I'm Liver. Who wants liver when they can have steak or chicken or pasta???  I know it's a process, I just hope I can reach my goal before the total frustration and aggravation win out.
    I'd love to have a designer revamp my blog and then give me a mini tutorial on how to use all their wonderful work they have created for me. Essencially bringing my dreams to fruition. Unfortunately, unless I win the powerball, I will never experience that dream. Being on disability doen't leave extra money for things like blog redevelopement.
   So instead I will start by doing a 30 day challenge. Something to help build my skills. Being we are 4 days into the month, it will have to wait until next month. So I will spend the rest of this month promising at least 2-3 post a week. Maybe some of you have some suggestions for a 30 day challenge. I'm all ears. Throw em' at me.
   Well I hope you all had a safe and Blessed independence Day. Chat soon. I'll be looking for your suggestions. 

God Bless America,

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