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Monday, July 9, 2012

A New Journey

   I'm working on a little somethin', well not so little, but I do have a goal I am working towards. Besides loving being a homeschool mom, and loving, (though very frustrated) blogging. I have lots to learn about blogging, but I love the whole idea that blogging is. I love that I can reach out to others via their blog or via my own.
  I remember when blogging first came about. I have a friend who jumped on the blog band wagon from the start. I remember her commenting that she had to update her blog for her family up in Pa. to read. I asked her,"what is a blog?" She then proceeded to try and explain it. She said basically it is an internet diary that you put stuff on such as pictures, recipes, stories, poems, whatever you want and others read it. I remember thinking why, what a waste of time. HAHAHAHA...... fast forward 10 or so years and look at what blogging has become. It is a way of life now. 
   There are blogs for anything one can think of, written by people from all walks of life, from anywhere in the world that you can plug into the information super highway, written by people in just about every age group. Blogging is a way of life, it is how we learn to make a pie, what is the best source for curriculum, where we can learn about different religions, how to paint a picture, how to change a tire, where to eat when you travel through Europe. People are blogging on anything and everything.
    Now my favorite blogs to follow or visit are blogs having to do with family, homeschooling, religious studies, budgeting, and the vast world of arts and crafts. I especially love crafting blogs that have to do with journaling, art journaling(different from journaling), doodling, mixed media crafting, paper crafts, and repurpose and recycle crafting. I am a huge crafter. Enter my new journey.
   I am currently working on building my supplies, and have started making journals, learning how to "art" journal, and work with mixed mediums to create something beautiful. I have always loved to crotchet, cross-stitch, and make jewelry. I am now taking those skills and growing them. I have been spending relentless hours scouring blogs and the internet to hone my skills and develope new ones. My goal is by summers end to start a crafting journal as well. Which scares me quite a bit. I am barely able to figure out what I am doing here.
    I didn't know how patient you have to be to blog, content, html, followers, it's not as easy as one would think. Though with patience, practice and prayer, I hope to be able to achieve my goals. I have so many talented, smart, funny, beautiful women to be insired by, women who will usually do anything they can to help, who will give advice, words of encouragement, and even pray for you. That is simply amazing.
   So I am working on building tutorials, projects, patience, and I am trying to figure out a really fun and cool name for my crafting blog. I am even considering having a contest to "Name that Blog". Now that would be fun. I am going to follow up with a list of blogs that I love to frequent for inspiration in both my work and toward meeting my goals in my "New Journey".

God Bless,

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