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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Free Prestos Pizza Kitchen Apron - Facebook

Log onto their FB page and "LIKE", you will get a free apron, if you share on your blog about the freebie, they will throw in a few extra freebies. The origional link for the freebie came frome 2Dynamic Moms Blog. I have their button, so check them out. If you are a homeschool family, I am sure you have heard of this blog. They are an absolutely fabulous homeschool blog with a plethra of info, printables, and insight. If you link to them through this blog, please tell them sent you.
  I am working diligently to make myself a blog button, as I can't afford to pay someone. As you have read previously, or if you are a 1st timer here, I am extremely TECHNO CHALLENGED. HTML is my nemesis, I have been trying for just about 2 months to figure out a simple blog button.Not so simple for me. I have added other features to my blog, but a button has just not been in the cards for me thus far. I am beyond frustrated over it, and am beginning to question my intelligance. If anyone has any words of wisdom for me, I'm all ears. 
  This is something I absolutely have to accomplish and soon, I really am wanting to connect, network and grow my blog. Without a blog button to link up with other blogs, that goal will not happen. Anyway, I digress....again. This is all about the FREEBIE!!!

God Bless,

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