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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Donation


Well I did it, I stepped out of my comfort zone and chopped my hair off.  It was for a wonderful cause though. I donated to locks of love. Locks of love provides wigs to young women under the age of 21 who suffer conditions like alopecia |ˌaləˈpēSH(ē)ə|
nounMedicinethe partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows; baldness.So I figured that I could step out of my comfort zone to make some little girl happy. I had it done at Great Clips in Huntersville, Nc on Sam Furr Rd at exit 25. Great Clpis will cut your hair for free if you donate. They do have rules for donating. You have to be able to donate 10" or more, and your hair cannot be bleached. Having color is okay, I am 40 something and Vanity is my sin, I color my grays right our of my hair. It was a pleasant experience. I did this once before 2 years ago. Though I loved my first cut, my comfort zone got the better of me and I grew it back out. The first cut the girl cut it up to my jaw. TOO short for Kimmie!!! It was a nice cut though. Even though logically I knew I was doing a good thing, I was having anxiety over losing my hair right to the very first snip. Well thank the lord for Thom. He was my stylist for this donation. He had everything a women loves, he made me laugh, he flattered me, fibbed and said my daughter Kady who is 25 and came along to be the photographer looked like my sister. He was awesome. He also gave me a fabulous haircut that I still am smiling about. GO THOM!!!! I have picture of the donation I'd like to share. I also hope I inspire others to go donate, put a smile on a young girls face, give her back her confidence. That made stepping outside my comfort zone worth every hair.  Please share your thought about my new do. I'd love to hear from you. Let's start a movement, let's start sending locks of love enough hair to make 100 wigs in 3 months. Wouldn't that be awesome. Making 100 or mor young women happy, confident and establishing self - esteem. Join me, jump on the donation bandwagon.I took pictures to share with you. If you donate please come back and share you pics with me and my readers. Have a blessed day.
At home right before leaving on the Donation . I'm very nervous at this moment

Last moments of my long Hair, having fun with Gidget at The Village Store in Davidson,NC
Last Moments of long Hair, Having fun with Gidget,at The Village Store in Davidson,NC
Having Fun with Gidget at The Village Store in Davidson,NC
Trying not to run out the door.

This is Thom, he is AWESOME!!!

No Turning back now.

SNIP, SNIP!!! Look at my granddaughter watching intently in the backround.

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My 12" PonyTail for donation. I'm now over my anxiety and very happy I made this decision.

Is there an organization for Mustacheless men???

The end result. Looks awesome doesn;t it. I am a happy customer.  Thom you ROCK!!!
He will be the only one cutting my hair from now on.
 I Hope you enjoyed my Donation experience. Hoping as well that this finds you and your well.
God Bless,

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  1. This was a fabulous idea,and your still a beautiful women with your shorter haircut, my friend has done this and is almost ready for a second donation. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of you and Gidget and this your incredible journey..