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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trip to Atl, Pt 1

Can I just tell you how busy this past weekend was??  Gidget and I took a trip to Atlanta where she competed in the Peach State Feis. BTW, she had a great weekend. She walked away with 4 medals and 2 trophies. YEAH Gidget!!!!! We were hoping for a 1st place, but 2 trophies and 4 medals is nothing to shake a stick at. 

We spent about 4 hours in the car getting there. Now I don't know how many have you have been to Atlanta, but the traffic just BITES!!! I am a nervous Nellie when I drive down there. We arrived at our Hotel, The Westin, safe and sound. Now that I am disabled I got to park 5 feet from the door. When the Valet opened the back of my mini van my craft bag (I never leave home without it) fell out and a million seed beads covered the parking lot in a rainbow of colors. The poor guy felt horrible. I told him it wasn't his fault, it was mine for not packing the van. Oh well, lesson learned there. He took our luggage and array of other things to our room on the 20th floor. (Not condusive to a person such as I who has a great fear of heights.) The Valet was still apologizing for the bead fiasco, I let him off the hook with a $10.00 tip. Though I'm afraid of heights, the view from our room was amazing.

 After settling in we then went roaming around the grounds snapping pictures with our brand new Fuji camera around the beautiful hotel grounds.

After we went to the Hotel's restaurant for some dinner. Where I was in price shock. We ordered an appetizer of Truffle Frites, which is basically a way of saying "delicious fancy french fries". They were heaven in our mouth. For our entree we chose this 14.00 plate that had 3 columns, you got to pick one item from each column. The plating was beautiful and the food amazing. Doesn't it look scrumptious??? 

We ended getting a to go container for most of our meal. We then went to registration to check in and get Gidget's competition number for the Feis the following day. We also visited the vendors, where I have to use total will power because I want to but everything. Thus, my Pinterest board Irish Dancing & All Things Irish!!! We had to buy her a number clip for her new dress, a new full length wig,(TOTAL sticker shock for that item), a pair of Diamonte Socks, and new earrings to match her dress. I also bought 2 rings, a vintage movie poster, 2 T-shirts and sock glue. That keeps her socks from falling during competition.( Point deductions!) We then retired to our room where we showered, sewed on her new number clip, did some crafting, goofed around, laughed until we cried. We then sat looking at the night skyline, said our prayers and went to bed. Sleep is important before a Feis, Feis day is long and tiring. It is also exhilerating, fun and nerve wracking. Tune in Wednesday for Feis day. Hoping this finds you and yours well.

God Bless,

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Check back tomorrow for Pt. 2 of our trip so you can see how competition day went. Hoping this finds you and yours well.

God Bless,

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