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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Getting Ready For Christmas


Well tonight is the night the big Guy comes and climbs through our chimney's, eats the cookies we leave and in return leaves us some presents. My 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter has been tracking Santa on the computer most of the day with the help of my 12 yr old Bridget. Little kids make Christmas magical.
I get so excited over the holidays. I am like a big kid myself. I even had to let Kaya,(my granddaughter) open a few presents tonight. (It is tradition to open one present of each persons choosing on Christmas Eve.) Only so she could wear them tomorrow. We didn't do any baking this year, our budget didn't allow it. Baking cookies for friends and family is becoming more expensive than just buying a gift. 
Christmas Eve is also a night were my husbands family that reside in NC all get together at his brother Matt's house for dinner, and story telling, and laughter, and the White Elephant gift exchange. That is where you draw numbers and you get to pick a gift, or you can steal someone else's gift  and then they have to open another gift. The gifts are something that have a sense of humor to them.
Now we didn't go this year, because I was laid up with severe back pain and swollen legs and feet. (I couldn't get a pair of shoes on) But my older 2 sons Kyle and Jacob did go. Kyle bought a 6 pack of Snow Day beer. We crossed off the Snow and put HOLI "Day' and he removed and drank one beer, so we wrote 5 pack under the HOLI "Day". Jake didn't realize he was supposed to get a gift, so thinking quick on my feet, I grabbed a 5x7 picture of my husband off the book shelf, we took it from the frame, he autographed it we put it back in the frame and wrapped it. Now My son was not to keen on this idea. I told him to trust me, it would be the best gift of the night. I was RIGHT as I usually am. Apparently this gift was stolen 5 x's and in the end his sister Ruthie and our sister-in-law Vicki almost wrestled over it. I'm only sorry I wasn't there to see the whole thing. Now my reluctant son was claiming VICTORY for thinking up the best present of the evening. 
So now his sister Ruthie wants to start an autographed collection of all her brothers. (There are 8 in all) Yes you read that right, 8 brothers. There are also 4 girls, 12 in all. There are 6 brothers and 1 sister who live in NC, the rest are all up in NY where we are originally from.
My brother will be staying with us tonight, and my son Kyle will also spend the night, and in the morning My daughter Kady, and my granddaughter Kaya will be over for a great big breakfast which is Christmas tradition. We would usually do midnight mass, but due to my back and legs, and my daughter Kady being sick, we will stay at home tonight. I'm sure God will understand. 
I hope you all are enjoying your families this evening, and enjoying your own traditions. I would love it if you left a comment telling of some of your traditions. Wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, or HAPPY HANUKKAH, or HAPPY KWANZAA or whatever tradition you may celebrate.

God Bless,
Kimmie <3



Bridget AKA Gidget

Me acting surprised

Jacob & Melissa(Kyle's GF)


Lto R Kyle, Michael aka Meat, Jacob(in the back)


Kaya openeing her early presents

Our Boxer Adella ever so watchful

OOH' & AAH's

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