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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wow, I have been Naughty........

I have been so very naughty..... I have been very neglectful of my blog. All those months of being regular, talking about wanting to get better and try and grow my blog just went....POOF!!!! Now I know I can get it back with some work.

It has been a very crazy busy few months. Gidget and I just went to New Orleans 2 weeks ago so she could compete in the Southern Regional Oireachtas (ore-ock-tus). It was her 1st time and though she didn't get a spot at Nationals this year, she still danced amazing. The trip was lots of fun. New Orleans was awesome. I would love to go back again. There were only 2 minor incidents while there that may have traumatized my 12 yr old for a while. 
After our amazing lunch at the Palace Cafe, and a very long nap, (our morning started at 3:45 am) we were walking about 4 blocks from our hotel to get something for dinner and she got to see her first drunk peeing on a wall. At this point she wanted to turn around and run back to the Marriott. After that shock subsided we decided to go into a gift shop and look around. It was called Voodoo. Sounds interesting, right? Just your typical over priced gift shop. Though not your typical wares. They had actual voodoo dolls, back scratcher made out of an alligator paw, (claws and all), they had decorative alligator heads, Beignets mix, Chicory coffee, t-shirts, post cards, ashtrays, shot glasses, coffee cups, Mardi Grais masks. and beads. 

Now some of these beads should be wrapped like the X-rated magazines, because we came around a corner and my 12 yr old ran into a rack of beads, and was presented with a 6" plastic penis hitting her forehead. Can you say AWKWARD. They look on her face, I wish I had my camera. We left. I then had to spend the next 15 minutes explaining why they would dare expose a penis in public like that. They had ones with the lady parts too, which she saw, but that's not what hit her in the forehead. Though as I sit here and recall this event, I am trying rather hard not to laugh out loud. It should not have happened, but how often will one actually ever tell or hear a story like this????

Outside the beads fiasco, we had a very nice time. We got our pictures sketched by a 79 yr old street artist named "Too Loose". He was a very sweet old man. He sketched us while were at a cafe having Coffee and Beignets. Which BTW are absolutely DELICIOUS!!! The birds would sit right next to us and eat right out of our hands. 

Our first meal in NO was at the Palace Cafe. It was amazing. I had the Fried Oyster Loaf, which is actually an appetizer, but eats like a meal. Best meal I have EVER eaten hands down. I also had the Sweet Potato and Lump Crab Chowder. A little spicy, but I loved it. I'm not usually one for spicy food either. Gidget went with what she knew, The All American Cheeseburger. That was not a typical burger. The fries were handmade and yummy.

Well that was day one in New Orleans, I will be back tomorrow with more of our trip and more pics. I'm glad to be back on my blog. Look forward to catching everyone up over the next week or so. Hoping this finds you all well.

God Bless, 
!st Plane ride. Had a small anxiety attack upon her 1st landing.
These beds were the most comfortable.

Palace Cafe

Palace Cafe

Fried Oyster Loaf...YUMMY!!!

Gidget and her Burger

In Our Hotel Lobby

At The Cafe Beignets

The Very Friendly birds at the Cafe

The sketch that old man did. There is some likeness, not a lot. Love it all the same.

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