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Sunday, April 15, 2012

I know I posted an entry a short bit ago, but I have been trying to the point of a short mental break down to add a google badge to my blog. I finally seem to have succeeded, but my former entries seem to have disappeared from my blog. I knew I was technologically inept, but trying to figure out the whole badge thing about sent me over the edge. I know we teach our children patients and understanding, but I seemed to have lost all that while trying to learn some new computer skills.
In my last entry I tried to add photos of my daughter and granddaughter doing their lapbooks, but deleted them because I couldn't figure out how to line them up in rows. I managed to lay one pic on top of another, had them scattered in no discernible order, or in a big long row taking up unnecessary room. Googling "how-to's" only managed to add to my frustration. Google even has a whole FAQ's on their blogs. Only for some of it you need an engineering degree to figure it out. I may as well have been reading in Swahili.
Well I have ranted long enough. Hopefully this will get easier, and I won't feel so inadequate.
God Bless!!!!!

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