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Monday, April 16, 2012

Words from an inspirational woman

I really want to say a huge thank you to Carolyn from for her wonderful email. Carolyn and her daughter work side by side to inform, educate, and inspire others. Besides their blog, they also speak at homeschool conferences and have a few other surprises in the works.
Since starting homeschooling last November, I have been inspired by reading so many wonderful blogs, by wonderful women who not only care about their families but really care about other families as well. It's with thanks to these wonderful women that so many of us are able to try new things and have the confidence to so, because they have paved the way.
I am not at all sure of my cofidence in my abilities to make this whole blogging thing work. I have no clue what I am doing or if I am even capable of providing content that will inspire others the way I have been inspired. In her email to me today Carolyn gave me some wonderful advice to help me in this new journey. Carolyn like others view what they do as a ministry, they use their faith in God to have the confidence to do what they do. I have always admired that quality my fellow woman. Don't get me wrong, I have faith and I am a firm believer that we all have a plan, I have just never figured out how to things from a standpoint of pure faith. I don't know if that is one of those things you either have or you don't, or it's one of those things you can look inside yourself and learn to do things based on one's faith. Maybe that is just another part of our journey. Carloyn said something to me that I'd like to share,she said, " I have often said that if someone wants to do a great work for God, they should first look at where their feet are (that's your mission field), they should look at who they are talking to (that's your audience), listen to what they are saying (that's your message), and look at what their hands are doing (those are your tools). God doesn't want us to go somewhere else and learn a new message -- He put us here where we are for a good reason, and He's already taught us what we need to know to get started. "
Definitely an affirmation. Thank you Carolyn for those inspiring words. I'd also like to share with you all that Carolyn's son Nate has recently joined the Army. I am thankful that young men like Carolyn's son choose to do such a brave thing for their country, especially in times such as these. I will keep him in my prayers.
Well once agin I'd like to thank you for reading what I have to say. Please feel free to share this site with others, and to leave your words of wisdom, or encouragement, or advice, or what it is you have faith in. One thing I do believe is we can all learn these things from one another. Hoping this finds you and yours well.
God Bless!!!
My kids, because they inspire me everyday.

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