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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Switched on Schoolhouse GIVEAWAY

    I would like to share this with you, please hop on over to the I copied this page from their website so you can check out this awesome giveaway. They have great giveaways for christian based homeschool curriculum all the time. I hope you enjoy!!!!

New Giveaway ~ Win a Switched on Schoolhouse Complete 5-Subject Set -
Over $350 Value!

Win a Switched-On Schoolhouse® Complete 5 Subject Set~ Over $350 Value!
Switched-On Schoolhouse is a comprehensive, Bible-based curriculum that offers computer-based learning for grades 3-12. With 3-D animation, video clips, and other fascinating multimedia, Switched-On Schoolhouse is the perfect homeschool curriculum for today's generation. With this flexible, best-selling curriculum, you can customize student learning to fit individual educational needs.

Unlike traditional textbook curriculums with dry, one-dimensional lessons, Switched-On Schoolhouse (SOS) has a diverse, vibrant mix of entertaining lessons, assignments quizzes, and more! Fun-filled lessons are created to captivate students' attention and engage them in learning. Available for grades 3-12, Switched-On Schoolhouse offers five core subjects and a wide variety of electives. With features that enhance content and functionality, this award-winning Christian homeschool curriculum offers ease, accuracy, and quality academics.

SOS as well as the other Alpha Omega Publications Curriculum is 20% off now through 4-30-12 at!

Each Five Subject Set Contains the Following Subjects:
  • Bible - Utilizing the King James Version and the New American Standard Bible, the Bible curriculum covers a variety of biblical material to assist in the development of practical Christian living. The Bible curriculum provides seven major themes: Theology, Attributes of God, Biblical literature, Biblical geography, Christian growth, Christian evidence, and a special emphasis for each grade level.
  • History & Geography - The goal of these courses is to develop students' understanding of and appreciation for God's activity as seen in the record of man and his relationships. The curriculum targets this goal by focusing on six major themes: Geography (World and American), History (World, American, and Religious), Government and Citizenship, Economics, and Social Studies.
  • Language Arts - Because SOS Language Arts is an integrated program, the elementary grades weave skill topics (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) together within units. In the middle and high school grades, skills are developed unit by unit. The major strands of this Christian homeschool curriculum are detailed as follows: Reading (Vocabulary, Comprehension Skills, Literature Studies), Writing (Spelling, Penmanship, Grammar, Composition), Speaking and Listening, and Special Topics (Visual Media, History of the English Language, The Bible as Literature, Book Reports, Study and Research Skills).
  • Math - Students will develop and build math skills through the use of various question formats, multiple exercise techniques, and fun learning games. Concepts are developed through grade levels to ensure mastery. The curriculum targets this goal by focusing on the major themes of number skills, geometry, algebra, data analysis, and probability.
  • Science - Students focus on the development of observational skills as they study the physical universe God created. The program involves a combination of on- and off-computer assignments including experiments. Grades 3-9 observe each area of science on an individual survey basis, usually unit by unit. Grades 10-12 focus on specific areas of science–Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The four major strands of this Christian homeschool curriculum are as follows: Life Science (Plants and Animals, Human Anatomy and Personal Care, Biology), Space and Earth Science (Geology, Weather, Space), Physical Science (Chemistry, Physics), Nature of Science (Scientific Method, Experimentation, Technology).
Switched on Schoolhouse Features
SOS is a Christian homeschool curriculum that makes homeschooling easy and fun. Here's a list of some of the features of Switched on Schoolhouse:
  • Automatic Grading - No more answer keys!
  • Daily Work Report - Quickly view daily student activity, promote student accountability, and print valuable records for documentation.
  • Revised Content - Unlike traditional textbooks, Switched-On Schoolhouse brings your child up-to-date information, more activities, new problems, and text changes.
  • Text-to-Speech - With this voice automated feature, students simply choose a passage or the entire lesson and have it read aloud to them.
  • Enriching Games - Interactive games like Farmer Frank, All Right, and Quiz Bowl provide students with fun ways to master lesson content.
  • Custom Curriculum and Projects - Customize your curriculum by combining, adding, or removing units and assignments.
  • Advanced Lesson Planning - Each child can have a personalized lesson plan to pace him correctly, and it can be modified day by day if needed.
  • Book Reports - In grades 3-8 of the language arts curriculum, student projects feature genre highlights, book lists, and links to additional resources.
  • Built-in Calendar - Assign or unassign school days, exclude date ranges, and add or remove events like field trips and holidays.
  • Individual Weekday Scheduling - With this flexible, schedule-friendly feature, you can easily assign courses to select days of the week.
  • Video Clips - Integrated into the curriculum, videos give students an up-close look at subject topics.
  • Instant Audio Feedback - User-friendly feature that gives immediate audio feedback on answers to questions.
  • Printing Options - Easily print entire lessons, problems, records, vocabulary lists, and assignments that include the student's name.
  • Resource Center - A calculator, interactive periodic table of elements, dictionary, and more!
  • Personalized Journal - Improve writing skills by encouraging daily journaling.
  • Highlighting Tool - Students can choose colors and highlight text for easy studying.
  • Vocabulary Arcade - Master spelling words and vocabulary definitions with educational games.
Sound good? Enter to win a full year - ALL subjects!


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