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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 13: Today I Smile Because....


Today I smile because..... First, my hubby gets to come home 1 day early and has all of next week off. It will be the first time in just about a year that we will get to spend more than 4 days in a row together. So it will either be a glorious week or we will want to strangle one another. This is to be continued.....

Secondly, I got my art supplies I ordered from They are an online store that sells every art supply you can think of at really reasonable prices. I highly recommend this site to anyone who loves to do arts & crafts. They sell paints, glues, markers, pens, pencils, paper, tools... well pretty much anything you can think of. They cater to the weekend art warriors and to the serious artists. 

As I have mentioned previously, I am teaching myself how to draw and create art journals. So to assist me in my journey I bought a UHU glue stick, 4 bottles of Indian Inks, 2 little bottles of Golden paint (Golden is a very expensive product, but quality), I also got some Golden Matte Gel Medium and a package of chipboard to add to my growing list of supplies. Next to my Faber-Castell watercolor pencils (which I love) the stuff I got today is the first really high quality supplies I have purchased and I am excited to use them. 

A few days ago I also got some supplies from that I am excited to use with what I got today. If any of you are into art I highly suggest checking out Donna's blog. She is not only entertaining, she is very talented. I love her tutorials because not only does she go step by step and explain how she is achieving a specific technique, she actually lists every supply she uses. That is extremely helpful for us budding artists. I can't wait to get started.

So nothing super exciting, but it getting my supplies made me smile, what made you smile today???

God Bless,

My new Bombay Indian Inks
My haul

Golden paints in Teal & Titanium White

Goldem Gel Medium & UHU glue stick


  1. Happy to see you creating. :-)
    Enjoy the art journey!

  2. Thank You I will, I enjoy it. I'll post some of what I have been working on soon.

    God Bless,