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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 5: Today I smile because.....


Day 5: Today I smile because.... of a new journaling project I am working on.

 I follow a blog call "Lil Blue Boo". The author of this blog is Talented, Beautiful, Courageous, Strong and INSPIRING. She is currently doing "The Lil Journal Project" Each day she shares a prompt, and then tells her readers what the prompt inspires for her. Her followers are Journaling right alongside her.

I have been studying, reading, researching all about Art Journaling, techniques, making handmade journals, and the whole of what Art Journaling is. I have tried to keep a hand written journal it seems my whole life. Trying to spill my thought and feelings onto paper. I am TERRIBLE at it. Then about 2 months ago I discovered Art Journaling. It lit a fire in me I hadn't felt in a long time. My only obstacle to keeping an art journal.... I am not very artistic. I am creative, I love crafting, but I can not draw, paint, or make a stick figure.

 Enter a personal challenge... I need to learn to draw, to become artistic. BAHAHAHAHA.... me artistic, yeah right. Well I have been keeping a journal of sorts for the last 2 months, it is full of notes, ideas, technique's, examples, artist supplies, etc. I have discovered and begun following some really amazing blogs of some very talented artists. I have also been building a ready supply of paints, glues, papers, stamps, inks, markers, pencils, well you get the idea. I have even been collecting a steady supply of recycled material in which to create the ideas swimming in my head. 

To jump start my new journey and kind of pressure myself so I don't get so frustrated and throw in the towel, I joined "The Sketchbook Challenge 2013" @ I had to pay to participate, I even paid the extra to have my sketchbook digitized. Please check it out. It really is a neat project. The idea that my sketchbook will become part of something so much bigger than me intrigued me. I have to admit, I am intimidated. Most of the participants are amazing, gifted artists. I have a few pages done which I will post pics of in the next week or so.

I really encourage you all to check out Ashley @ . Besides this cool journaling project, she has a some great content. She also shares her story on her blog about her courageous battle with Cancer. 

So today I smile because I am enjoying my new Journaling project. What made you smile today???

God Bless,
Kimmie <3

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