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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 8: Today I smile because...

 Today I smile because.... I got to see my granddaughter Kaya today. She is 2 1/2 and  starting to talk in full converstions. She was telling me how she got to go out on a boat yesterday. Though I had to patch together what she was telling me picking up about every 3rd word, she talked about it with total enjoyment.
my favorite time with my kids was when they were the age my granddaughter is. 
Their little personalities are blossoming, they are learning to talk, to show their independence. I just love this age. My granddaughter is very very animated, and the polar opposite of how her mother, my daughter Kady was at that age. Kady was very relaxed & easy going, mild tempered, quiet, and could sit and entertain herself. My granddaughter Kaya is very tenacious, has a bit of temper(she is extremely impatient), though she can entertain herself, she really prefers an audience. She is really a bit of a performer. She is smart as whip to boot. Though her mom was a quick learner, my granddaughter doesn't miss a beat.
I love being a grandma, (she calls me MiMi) I get all the joy of having a little one without all the work. It's awesome. Kaya makes me smile every time I see her.

What made you SMILE today???

God Bless,
Kimmie <3

Playing Shy

Slowing showing herself

The Drama Queen

You Can't See Me!!!

Thinking on it.....

Maybe I will look at the camera...
TA-DA... Look at ME......

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