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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 15: Today I Smile Because.....


Day 15: Today I smile because...... My son Jacob,(who is my 3rd child) turned 19 today. It is hard to believe he is 19. Time just flies right on by. Though there was a time when he was a child that time seemed to stand still.

Jake graduated this past spring. It was bittersweet. All the years he struggled in school with his learning disabilities, he made honor roll both semesters, and he got an A+ on his Senior exit project. At about 9th grade he mellowed out and he got less and less frustrated with school. He did decide to take a few months off and will start Community College in January. Right now he is working full time and saving every penny he can. He has an amazing work ethic for someone his age. I am extremely proud of the man he has become.

For his birthday dinner, he chose homemade mac n' cheese, fried chicken, green beans, and instead of cake he wanted apple pie. Yup that's right, apple pie. It was yummy. 

So, what made you smile today???

God Bless,

Happy Birthday Jake!!!

Kaya helping blow out the candles on "Birthday Pie"

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